Are you Single, you may want to read this!

Are you Single, you may want to read this! If your single and you see me use the word “relationship” in my blogs, you might say “that’s not about me, I’m not with anyone” Think again, because that’s not how it works. First off, it’s always about you…no matter what is happening astrologically! If you’re not in … [Read more…]

Weekend Update

Weekend Oct 5th  Some of us feel like we’ve been riding a emotional roller-coaster lately, and the ride continues when the Libra New Moon started rising yesterday, this is the most elegant and sociable New Moon of the year, it could help your love life or make you obsessive about your relationships. If your single, … [Read more…]

Relationships are getting a boost of passion this week?

Has your relationships been a bit tense or passionate lately? Saturday a tense aspect between Venus/ Mars, (the team of love and passion) come together. It started to build Wednesday, goes through Thursday! Open your minds and your hearts to the feminine/masculine balance inside and outside of yourself. Which one should you be tapping into more? … [Read more…]

Intention Setting under the New Moon

Intention Setting under the New Moon September 2013 in Virgo   This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings, this is when the Moon is actually at its darkest point.. so we should be planting seeds for what we truly desire under a New Moon. The intentions you set during a … [Read more…]

Moon in Cancer Labor Day weekend!

Watching a sentimental movie this weekend?  We can become absorbed in memories from our past and shed some tears, our emotions are heightened, and we can experience mood swings that are dark in one moment and happy the next. We feel a sense of wanting to be tucked away, in a place that is enclosed, … [Read more…]

Full Blue Moon tonight!

Tuesday the Full Moon comes together in Aquarius, this is the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius in the last 4 weeks! It’s also a Blue Moon. This Moon is about freedom and planning for the future, we can see all sides to any given situation, and be rather objective. But, it opposes the Sun in … [Read more…]

What’s your Moon Sign?

What’s your Moon Sign? The Moon sign is most important during childhood. Many astrologers believe that early in life we are more in-tuned to our Moon signs than our Sun signs. The Sun sign is our ego, our outer selves, our personalities, which takes a lifetime to develop. It’s who we’re destined to become. The … [Read more…]

New Moon in Leo

A New Moon begins late this afternoon! The Moon lines up with the Sun also in Leo, and begins the New Moon cycle. With this Moon being in fun-loving, passionate Leo, we feel like having romantic encounters and adventures. Tap into your heart, and express yourself. This is a self-expressive sign and some of its … [Read more…]

“Star of David” in the sky Today?

Have you also felt the wild energy this last week, thought I would share a bit of mine!Most of last week was quite difficult for me, I had some very intense emotional experiences in my personal relationships. It felt very much like the whole “Super” Full Moon experience was pulling me apart from the inside … [Read more…]

Moons in Libra till Wednesday

Moon in Libra! Relationships matter more than ever now! The Moon has shifted into balance-seeking Libra and will remain there thru Wednesday. Maintaining our relationships with balance and equality, this energy demands it. What we should be doing during a Libra Moon …negotiating, gracious, balancing, diplomatic, and compromising. We can set aside our emotions to … [Read more…]