A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!

Astro Readings by Ruby A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is almost here folks! This connection is already growing and those who are sensitive, empathic, or psychic are probably feeling it! There's lots of good luck coming in around this week's Eclipse in Leo. The Sun in Aquarius makes a fortunate trine … Continue reading A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!

“Love On Fire”

Feb 2017 "Love On Fire" by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Feb 2017 "Love On Fire" by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Venus the planet that rules over our love life and often our finances has shifted into fiery Aries for now. Venus and Mars were both … Continue reading “Love On Fire”

Rubys Weekly Update 

"The Week Ahead" The week ahead starts off with expressive Mercury switching signs, moving into the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 7th. Mercury rules over how we think, process, and express our thoughts. This brings out unique concepts and inspired thinking, and certainly new insights around how we think. Our minds become highly stimulated, so … Continue reading Rubys Weekly Update 

Mars in Aries

Astro  Alert  Mars in Aries   Mars the planet that rules over our action, assertive drive, ambition, passion, and war, already shifted into go get 'em fiery Aries on Jan. 28th and will run through March 9th. And the energy is strong out there folks! So pay attention and breathe often if need be, we can get through … Continue reading Mars in Aries

Year of the Fire Rooster

Year of the Fire Rooster By Ruby On January 27, 2017, the Chinese Zodiac will shift once again from the intense "Year of the Monkey" into the meticulous "Year of the Fire Rooster." The Fire Rooster will bring a whole new and different energy. "Wake Up," says the Fire Rooster! The Rooster is sounding the … Continue reading Year of the Fire Rooster

New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius "Wishes and Resolutions" The New Moon occurs this month on Friday, Jan. 27th in Aquarius. It's time to get ready for the New Moon because it can help you manifest your dreams for the New Year, it's also a good time to make your New Year's Resolutions permanent. With this New … Continue reading New Moon in Aquarius

Astro Weekly Update

Astro Readings Weekly Update Jan. 18th - Jan. 22nd I've already mentioned some of the Astrological energies coming in my daily blogs today, but I thought I would give you a run down of the rest of the week, so you can plan accordingly! In Astrology, Squares are a challenging energy for each of every … Continue reading Astro Weekly Update

Full Moon Guide 

Full Moon Guide by Ruby “How does the ‘Full Moon’ affect you, and how do you utilize its potent energy?” During a 'Full Moon' you have an opportunity to bring about some positive changes in your life if you use this energy wisely. It either can increase the positive energy around you or it can … Continue reading Full Moon Guide 

“Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon

Full Moon Jan 12th 2017- Learn how to Set Intentions or make Wish Lists with the first Full Moon of 2017! ~Ruby “Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon by Ruby   This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. To bless and release whatever you need to let go of, and … Continue reading “Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon

1st Full Moon of 2017

Astro Alert By Ruby Full Moon Approaching The Full Moon comes together on January 12th, and it can help show you what decisions to make and what to do next with your life. This is the First Full Moon of 2017, and it occurs on January 12th early in the morning, in the sign of … Continue reading 1st Full Moon of 2017