Last Week of March – Astro “Weekly”

Rubys Astro Readings Weekly Update "Last Week of March" Today we get an extra boost from the cosmos as the asteroid "Pallas Athena" moves into the sign of Aries to join 4 other planets that are already in this fiery sign. This goddess gives us some gifts with this influence, and that is some inspiration … Continue reading Last Week of March – Astro “Weekly”


NEW MOON REPORT March 2017 by Ruby March's New Moon will occur on Monday the 27th at around 10 PM CST and 11 PM EST, and in the sign of Aries along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, all of these planets are in fiery, go get 'em, Aries, that's a whole lot of … Continue reading NEW MOON REPORT

Weekly Update Sept. 10

Rubys Astro Readings Weekly Update September 10th As Summer starts to come to a close and we are finally passed Labor Day, our focus shifts towards everything orange and yellow, and pumpkin spice fills the air and soon it will be Halloween and than Thanksgiving! Ok I so love this time of year, so I … Continue reading Weekly Update Sept. 10

September Horoscopes

September Horoscopes by Ruby September is going to be quite a busy month with the cosmos throwing a lot of energy out there. I do feel that between the more challenging energies there will be a calmness that feels quite grounding. But there's many twists and turns and even surprises coming. The energies during Eclipse … Continue reading September Horoscopes

How to be “Productive” during Mercury in Retrograde

“How to be Productive during Mercury in Retrograde” By Ruby Have you noticed your electronics breaking down or glitching out, are you struggling with misunderstandings or having communication issues with people? Has your Wifi, computer, smartphone, and any associated technologies been acting just weird lately? Then there's a very good chance you have been experiencing … Continue reading How to be “Productive” during Mercury in Retrograde