Last Week of March – Astro “Weekly”

Rubys Astro Readings Weekly Update "Last Week of March" Today we get an extra boost from the cosmos as the asteroid "Pallas Athena" moves into the sign of Aries to join 4 other planets that are already in this fiery sign. This goddess gives us some gifts with this influence, and that is some inspiration … Continue reading Last Week of March – Astro “Weekly”


NEW MOON REPORT March 2017 by Ruby March's New Moon will occur on Monday the 27th at around 10 PM CST and 11 PM EST, and in the sign of Aries along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, all of these planets are in fiery, go get 'em, Aries, that's a whole lot of … Continue reading NEW MOON REPORT

Mercury in Aries

Astro Readings by Ruby "Talking Out Loud" Mercury in Aries Mercury is the planet that rules communication, expression, and our thinking process, and it is shifting gears today as it moves into quick thinking Aries, where it will stay until March 31st. Decisions can be made very quickly in this very fast paced, impulsive energy. … Continue reading Mercury in Aries

Rubys Weekly Update 

"The Week Ahead" The week ahead starts off with expressive Mercury switching signs, moving into the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 7th. Mercury rules over how we think, process, and express our thoughts. This brings out unique concepts and inspired thinking, and certainly new insights around how we think. Our minds become highly stimulated, so … Continue reading Rubys Weekly Update 

New Year’s Resolutions and Timing

New Year's Resolutions and Timing By Ruby The best time to make a New Year's Resolution this year is not on New Year's Day, instead, there are two wonderful days where the energy lines up just perfectly to make wishes or set intentions for a successful 2017. Often many New Year's resolutions fail because of the … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Timing

“Setting Intentions” with the New Moon

"Setting Intentions" There's a New Moon occurring Sunday morning, which makes this the best time to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little Magic! `A New Moon occurs Sunday morning so starting Saturday evening is the Best Time to Set Intentions or Make Out Wish Lists!` *The … Continue reading “Setting Intentions” with the New Moon

“Sun in Sagittarius”

"Sun in Sagittarius" The Sun enters into the sign of Sagittarius today, so Happy Birthday to all of you Sagittarius! This transit lasts through December 21st. With the Sun in Sagittarius, our focus shifts from the need to make intimate connections with others, to being more focused on having more of an adventure, but it … Continue reading “Sun in Sagittarius”

Full Moon Approaching 

Rare "Super" Moon Approaching! By Ruby We are about to witness an amazing rare "Super" Full Moon. The closest it's been to Earth in 70 years! Even if you normally don't look at the stars, this is an astrological event you don't want to miss! The November Full Moon is also called a "Supermoon", so … Continue reading Full Moon Approaching 

Mars in Aquarius 

Mars in Aquarius  By Ruby  Once every couple of years an exciting connection occurs when fiery, action-packed Mars shifts into the sign of Aquarius! This energy will come together November 8th. Even though this can put us at a crossroads, it also can be an exhilarating and exciting time! Over the next 6 weeks one … Continue reading Mars in Aquarius 

“Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon

“Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon by Ruby   This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. To bless and release whatever you need to let go of, and do away with, and what doesn’t serve you. The intentions that are set during a “Full Moon” will set you on the … Continue reading “Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon