Moons in Libra till Wednesday

Moon in Libra! Relationships matter more than ever now! The Moon has shifted into balance-seeking Libra and will remain there thru Wednesday. Maintaining our relationships with balance and equality, this energy demands it. What we should be doing during a Libra Moon …negotiating, gracious, balancing, diplomatic, and compromising. We can set aside our emotions to … [Read more…]

Financial Stars

♈ Aries: Aries don’t owe anybody anything – except money. When they are younger they tend to be very spendthrift and impulsive, and always like ‘new things’. Fiscal conservativeness does not come easy ♉ Taurus: The bigger the bank balance the more secure the Taurean feels. Their feeling of safety is tied to their fiscal … [Read more…]

Venus/Chiron Aspect- Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Can you learn from this?

Venus/Chiron Aspect- Mirror Mirror on the Wall, can you learn from this? A challenging Venus/Chiron aspect will come exact midmorning. We started feeling this Friday and it will be strong through Wednesday! You might feel blocked from intimacy and it’s whole experience. This can bring up issues around self-worth, relationships, and finances. Were tested to work through … [Read more…]


Intention Setting under the New Moon New Moon/Solar Eclipse tonight! This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. The intentions you set during a New Moon Ritual will set you on the right path towards your desires. Have a conversation with the Universe, and ask for the Moon to light up … [Read more…]

Rubys Psychic Tips

Connecting in a New Way! Try using nonverbal ways to communicate with your lover or a potential mate and be more visual while with them. When you’re not together close your eyes and communicate on a Soul level.. by going into your heart and seeing the object of your affection across from you.. than say … [Read more…]

Talk your way into Healing!

Talk your way into Healing!  Mercury the communicator is involved in some aspects with the wounded healer Chiron and the warrior of the Cosmos Mars, this actually starts later tonight but could be felt last Sunday, this cycle is strong well into Thursday. This is an opportunity to bring some healing energy into your life with your … [Read more…]