About Ruby


My name is Ruby. I have been doing Psychic Readings professionally for over 20 years. I am a Spiritual Counselor, otherwise known as a Psychic. I am also a Clairvoyant and Astrologer as well. I have read for thousands of clients professionally, both locally in NE Kansas and worldwide.

I continue to read full-time via phone, the internet, and in person. Using my special abilities, I can assist you with your soul’s path in life. I am, above all, very honest and will tell give you truthful answers to your questions, but always with compassion. If your life doesn’t bring you Joy, I can teach you how to choose things differently so you may learn and practice the spiritual work that unlocks doors to your desires and removes blocks from obtaining happiness.

What will you experience during a personal consult with me?

We don’t always understand how important it is to make choices on a spiritual level daily, as life isn’t just planned or destined. It’s also a matter of choice. I can teach you how to make choices in your life while in a place of personal power. By being committed to yourself and your spiritual well-being and learning how to work with the Cosmos, you can add some magic to your everyday life, which will often lead you towards your wishes, dreams, and goals.

The Client

I care for my clients very dearly. The relationships I hold with my clients are, above all, professional and honest. Without you, I wouldn’t be leading a successful and rewarding career, so I hold much gratitude for the folks I work with and will always treat you with kindness, respect, and compassion.

It’s Personal

I believe you deserve confidentiality with your Psychic Reading, it is a very private entity in itself, and you will always get my full attention and understanding for the time you spend with me.

Tarot/Psychic Readings are excellent for getting to the core of an issue, so usually, within the first few minutes of your consultation, you will know I am the real deal. Whether your concerns are associated with your love life, relationship, career, finances, or life purpose doesn’t matter. I will touch on every detail if need be and have a real conversation about your life and what needs to be done to get you on a better path in your life.

Your questions will be answered skillfully by a Professional Reader! As I have been Reading Professionally for over 20 years!

A consultation can be as long or as short as you’d like, but usually, around 30 minutes is best to sufficiently cover your life’s main points and look at various options. Then we can plan for your future concerns and look at what possible courses of action you should take to obtain your goals. But I also do longer Readings in case you need more time.

Contact me for an expert Tarot/Psychic/Astrology Reading and for a consultation you won’t forget!

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Rubys Psychic-Astrology Readings


Ruby you are a great person and gifted with
abilities to help many.


Stellar person ❤️

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Ruby came recommended to me many years ago by a dear friend as a truly gifted and honest person. In all the years that I have known Ruby, and gone to her for readings and help, I’ve never been disappointed either personally or professionally. Ruby is the “Real Deal”. She is also one of the most kind people I know. And in this day and age, kindness is a virtue I treasure in humanity.


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