Saturn Direct from Retrograde

Saturn Direct from Retrograde & More 🪐

For All Zodiac Signs 🌟

Starting on October 10, Saturn awakens from its deep slumber of Retrograde since last May and finally heads in the right direction. Also, Jupiter goes direct from its Rx cycle on the 17th.

These energies have been intense, and conflicts have been strong. Saturn’s been handing out some tough love in Retrograde. Finally, we can get on the right paths and slowly move ahead toward our goals. But it’s important to take Baby Steps and not Jump , or you can create more problems. Mercury is still Retrograde, so it’s just best to plan out what you want to do next until the 18.

With six planets in Retrograde, it’s been pretty intense feeling. But now that Pluto and Saturn are heading back to their normal pace, things can start to get easier, but first, we must adjust to these shifts. This takes more patience.

Over the last several months, while Saturn was Retrograde its felt like there was one problem after another. You may have felt blocked or restricted from getting anything accomplished, which has lead to so much disappointment. Conflicts and arguments have been an issue, and people have been a pain to deal with at times. Just know this is about to lighten up!

Our lives will get better with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter direct from Retrograde. We won’t have to deal with such harsh lessons and blocks anymore. Day by day, we’ll be able to make advancements and move forward again. You’ll finally start to see the light shine through the darkness.

Starting October 18, the Cosmic energies will pick up again. However, this doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Don’t be discouraged, as you will slowly start to feel more hopeful. Just know everything is happening for a higher purpose, even the really difficult things.

For some of you, the Retrograde cycles have been more difficult than you could have imagined. Just know the energies will start to feel less heavy and intense soon. Everything runs in cycles, what goes up, must come down. But it’s up from here!

Let’s chat about this for a second.
Neptune’s Retrograde cycle continues through 2022, and it has cast a foggy cloud. Neptune rules over our spirit and inspirations and how we escape our reality, both good and bad, so like our dreams and addictions. This Retrograde cycle has continued to cause confusion, making it more difficult to make important decisions. Neptune Rx also exposes lies and betrayal. And we’re still dealing with negative, jealous, manipulative, and just plain nasty behavior. Those who are fake might pretend to be supportive but have a different agenda. So don’t trust everything you see, hear, or read during this time. There are a lot of lies going around, but also people trying to scam.

Stay Safe & Be Well

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