Pluto Turns Direct! From Retrograde

For All Zodiac Signs 🌟

Pluto is tuning direct and finally freaking heading out of Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Personally I can’t wait, it’s been a very long deeply psychological process. This cycle is just part of a whole bigger Cosmic picture that’s put us through a reconstruction process for many years.

We have shifted from old vibrational energies into a new paradigm. Pluto just direct still isn’t up to speed as it is normally so we tend to go through energy upgrades on a deep soul level. So our personal life is strongly affected. This is a time of complete transformation, and a rise in personal power for each of us. We are ascending if you will to the next level. We are releasing dense energy now better than before which in turn helps us raise our vibrations. We’re more in alignment with our dreams, so start paying attention. There will major changes and expansion. It’s a time to reset and have a fresh start.

Pluto reflects back what we need to see on a soul level about ourselves. This is a time to question what we have discovered during Pluto’s long Retrograde cycle.

Even though Pluto just turned direct on Oct 6, right around the New Moon. It’s vital to know how Pluto affects us. Like all the Outer Planets, (planets in the farther part of our solar system) Pluto wants to see us evolve, so it will find a way to help us transform ourselves if we like it or not.

Pluto is the spiritual alchemist of the Cosmos, so it’s in charge of the Shadow Work we need to be doing in order to evolve. Our shadow spiritually is the part of ourselves we tend to be in denial about, we don’t like owning our darker side, but we have it! Usually these parts our ourselves have been traumatized in some way and are in need of healing. We have to transform our darkness into light.

Pluto is about power and control, so it’s Retrograde lessons often involve power plays and interpersonal relationships. And how we use our power over others and if we feel in control of certain parts of our lives, but often we have to fight for our power and learn how to deal with others such as authority figures. We’ve had a mirror being held up to our face during this Retrograde cycle to deal with our control issues.

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn off and on since Jan of 2008. This has tore down old foundations and behaviors that are worn out. We’ve had to figure out what is working in our lives and what’s toxic. This has been a time to rebuild ourselves, but it’s been a long process and some of you aren’t even done yet but see in the middle of construction our yourselves. But all this cycle is finally coming to an end in 2023-2024 and our remodel will be complete.

Stay Safe & Be Well


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