Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius
Higher Love 
Oct 7, 2021 – Nov 5, 2021

For All Zodiac Signs

Venus shifts from intense Scorpio into freedom-seeking Sagittarius, affecting our romantic lives and financial affairs. 

Sagittarian energy can be intense at times, considering it’s a fire sign. However, we tend not to be as focused as we’ve been under the Venus in Scorpio cycle, which made intimacy more important with one person. Sagittarius energy is more about a universal kind of love and sharing.

Our desires shift into the exploration of love and romantic adventures. And we have a straightforward and often blunt way of relating to our lovers. We seek truth and higher meaning in whatever we love and value.

We’re more hopeful, optimistic, and idealistic in our relationships and with money during this cycle. In some ways, this can be positive, but it also means overdoing love and sexual relations, and there can be some serious spending of money. Retail therapy can be so tempting during this time, and a real problem. So take it easy.

Our lovers and partners must support our goals, dreams, beliefs, and visions of the future. Intellectual companionship and conversations that stimulate our minds can be more important than usual. We can be rather open, direct, and candid with our feelings which can help our relationships, but this may be when we put our foot in our mouth! Watch for oversharing! 

We’re looking for a good time, so we are more spontaneous and tend to throw ourselves into things that bring pleasure, like art and culture. And activities such as travel, learning, seeking higher knowledge, outdoorsy stuff, and nature are of special interest. 

Money can be an issue as we can be careless and perhaps a little reckless. But we can be quite lucky with our faithful and optimistic attitude! It’s often a time of good fortune and karma. Rewards and benefits come from everywhere, especially spiritually. Other topics that seem to get more attention with Venus in Sagittarius are publishing, religion, spirituality, travel, education, and legal matters.

Stay Safe & Be Well 

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