Venus is the Morning Star, Again?

On June 18th, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and values rises once again as the “Morning Star” for the next 6 to 7 months. 

Venus was shining brightly in the sky, and then last fall she was barely visible around dusk time as the “Evening Star.” But now Venus is making a come back! Slowly she is becoming the “Morning Star”, and on June 18th we shall slowly see her goddess self as she sends positive vibes down to planet Earth. She now will appear where the Sun rises in the East, as the “Morning Star,” whereas before she had shown herself as the Evening Star where the Sun sets in the West. 

When Venus is in the role of “Morning Star”, her energy affects us differently. We can feel more masculine, (no matter your gender) aggressive, passionate, and dominant in our loving or intimate relationships, and also when dealing with our finances. During this cycle, we will stand up for what we believe in when it comes to love, money, and pleasure. 

Over the last few weeks, (end of May into June) as Venus made her transition from “Evening Star” to the “Morning Star” she went into hiding, and we have been without her potent loving vibes for a while now. Without this source of loving energy in our lives, many of you have been feeling unloved, abandoned, and not supported. We lost that connection to our hearts and look at all that has happened in the world. Granted this is not the only reason these global events have been happening, but if you think about all the chaos and hurt, resentment, and pain that has come up in her absence in the sky, it is very interesting. Being under the shadowy side of this energy, there has been much sadness, grief, and emotional pain. Now there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel! In just a few days, we will be able to see her once again shining brightly in the sky, and at first it will be a few hours before the Sun comes up. 

As the “Morning Star,” Venus works hard to help our relationships grow and repair themselves if at all possible. She slowly tries to put things back together again, but there will be challenges throughout the month of June. She has to get her energy out there and deal with all the Retrograde planets including her, as Venus is also in retrograde currently, and then there is Eclipse Season. Being visible as the “Morning Star”, she shows us that we cannot avoid the dark and must learn how to walk in the light again, we must embrace our darker or “Shadow” side of human existence, which we all are part of in one way or another. As we all carry around some sort of shadow or darker side as well. This is not something you get rid of but something you learn to manage and deal with. We must fully embrace all of who and what we are and are authentic-self must emerge. Just like Venus herself, we all fall into dark periods at different times in our lives but this doesn’t last forever, we must continue to handle these harder times because we have the strength to do so. 

Now that Venus has shifted we can see her influence over our personal lives, and global affairs and events. After June 25th, we can start to see our relationships slowly heal as folks start to get along a little bit better. Many of you will also see your financial affairs start to run better. There might actually be some peace in the world after all the violence and terrible events that have taken place since early June. As Venus is shining brightly again and her presence is known, she can send much love to Earth once again.

There is going to be some difficult paths we must follow to heal, but as her influence starts to spread out and grows stronger once again throughout June and especially into July time, we will start to see and feel it! If you have lost that loving feeling for others, and feel detached and separated in some way, Venus is going to be working extra hard once again at bringing those feelings back. 

As the “Morning Star”, Venus sends out strong messages that it’s time to shine our own personal light that we carry within out to the world. Venus in this position will slowly but surely start to raise our energy levels, it’s a great boost we need that can help us feel more confident and powerful, especially in love and concerning money or business. She wants us to honor the light we carry within so we can handle any obstacles or challenges that come our way. As she rises once again in the morning, look up to her and honor your most sacred and loving self! And remind yourself you are worth it, and that you are loved and you deserve to feel that way all the time for now on.

Here’s to peace, love, and happiness for all of you,


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