June New Moon

A Time Of Communication

June 3, 2019

Here’s some information on the potent New Moon cycle for the month of June 2019.

The New Moon occurs on Monday, June 3, 2019. This is a rather lovely energy for spiritual expansion, creative endeavors, and anything artistic. The New Moon energy starts up a few days prior to it peaking, so if you receive some sort of message, sign, or ah-ha moment, make sure and jot it down, as there can be some important messages coming in during this time. Have a little faith and take safe risks with any ideas, plans, or goals that you are feeling.

Under so much energy of the Twins Sign of Gemini, we should be improving our communication skills by listening to others and enjoying their points of view, rather than trying to find some other answer. Re-evaluate your communication social skills like on social media platforms, by asking yourself how much information you actually take in and communicate in a friendly, non-threatening way. It’s a time to listen to your gut instincts and follow your intuition, as all sorts and kinds of communication is in the spotlight. Under this potent Gemini energy, it’s an opportunity to make very important changes in our lives. And since under this particular New Moon the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in the sign of Gemini, that’s three times the power and energy to work with.

The June New Moon is in the sign of Gemini, so this is an especially strong time for all you Air Signs, so Aquarius, Libra, and of course Gemini. But also all you Scorpio Sun Signs can have some good luck in your relationships now. But whatever sign you may be, all of us have a stronger sense of awareness during this New Moon cycle. Our power of telepathy is strong, and so you may sense the people close to you or around you more clearly, so what they are thinking and feeling.
During this New Moon cycle, feisty Mars makes a tense opposition to expansive Jupiter, which can put out a strong vibe of sexual chemistry between people period. This means we are attracted to each other more so than usual, but if it’s not something sexual it can also heighten our attraction to each other, which just makes it easier to get along. But you might start feeling wildly passionate about someone or something, so go ahead and take a chance and see what happens. This is a strong time for success in relationships and around jobs or work.
It’s time to come up with a plan, and for jotting down all your ideas, plans, and future goals you keep thinking about. Under the lunar energy of the New Moon in Gemini we have a boost of extra confidence, and since New Moon’s are the best time of the month for new beginnings and for Setting Intentions, it’s a great combo to call upon the Cosmos for a new beginning of your very own.
Make sure and do any New Moon Energy work, like making our Wish Lists or burning Bay Leaves while the Moon is still in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign the New Moon occurs under. Never Set Intentions when the Moon during its Void Cycle, so you have until later in the morning Tues, June 4th. This gives you plenty of time to make your Intentions clear with the Universe about your future plans and goals.

New Moon Times On June 3
  • Eastern Time, 6:03 am
  • Pacific Time, 3:03 am
  • Central Time, 5:03 am
  • Mountain Time, 4:03 am
  • If you are in a different time zone, please look it up.
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Have a Blessed New Moon

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