1. Great reading. People get so wrapped up in the retrograde thing with wrong assumptions. I appreciate the way you talk about the retrograde cycle and how to use it to our advantage.

      • Well, I’ll not say it’s been any piece of cake but there are some who believe everything comes to a complete all stop and I do not feel that way.

        I find that I do a lot of rethinking re-planning and reorganizing and sometimes things move slower than I’d like but I don’t feel everything just stops.

        Sometimes I get a “Please wait” like on the computer and the little light blinks and swirls.

        But, If I’m patient and don’t rant too much things usually go right.

        Except for the fact that for some reason the cabinet doors keep falling off my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


      • Well, Patty, I am sorry you have had a rough time. I don’t believe everything comes to a complete stop during Retrograde time, because that’s not how Astrology works, as each planet rules and influences different parts of our lives, and that particular part is usually where we see things slow down, and depending on which house that planet is currently cruising through in our own personal Astro Birth Chart, which also depicts just what part of our lives it will affect!

        Saturn’s Retrograde cycle seems to be an amazing time for me, as it’s normal stern affects seems to back off a bit and gives me some breathing room, and it’s believed that when it’s in Retrograde it hands out gifts and even a bit of luck, which I have already experienced over the last week or so. Hopefully, you will start feeling the same.

        The weirdness with your computer and all yea that’s usually during Mercury’s dreadful Retrograde period, which is particularly hard on many of us. But the Retrogrades might be affecting the part of your chart which would be all the communication issues, but Mercury has been all over the place this week. And the cabinet doors, lol yep I’ve actually experienced that before during Eclipse season. Lol, it is a strange occurrence. Hugs to you

      • LOL.

        I agree with all you say here.

        These people who believe everything stops, simply are not educated in astrology and speak without knowledge.

        Which sort of annoys me.