Weekly Astro Highlights – April 8-13

Weekly Astro Highlights

April 8-13 Highlights

For All Zodiac Signs

I’m back! Thank you for all your well wishes about my mini vacay! I know some of you might have felt left behind, so I do apologize. But I’m catching up on emails and FB messages now. Hopefully, I can get to you soon, as I am working on it. There are lots of interesting Cosmic Shifts coming in this week, so let’s discuss it!

Mental Mercury is in a harmonious meeting with Saturn for a few more days. This is a wonderful influence to help you make career and work advancements, especially for Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio. But this can affect all the Signs of the Zodiac.

Starting April 9, Jupiter appears to head backwards as it goes Retrograde. Look for an epiphany or Ah-Ha moment to occur, some folks will even receive some sort of lucky news from out of the blue!

This is about a lot but I break it down so keep Reading please.

From April 9-14 we have to deal with the Sun Square Saturn, and Pluto’s connection to the Lunar South Node, and the Sun Square Pluto, and then the Sun Squares both the North and South Lunar Nodes! And finally Mercury makes a harmonious connection to powerful Pluto on the 10 and 11. But as an extra bonus, the Sun makes a beautiful Trine connection to Jupiter on the 12 and 13.

The world can feel pretty chaotic, but also excitable during this time. These influences can cause some high anxiety with so much strong energy forming together at one time! There can be surprising news and discoveries all over the globe.

When Jupiter turns Retrograde, the energies slow down and there can be delays, or your plans may have to happen another time. Some of you might already be feeling and dealing with this energy.

But there can be other challenges to deal right now, when the Sun Squares Saturn. This can cause serious power struggles with other people, as all this powerful energy creates a strong pull on us, especially on the more Psychic, Empathic, and sensitive folks. They are really feeling these influences. And those folks who don’t really have any spiritual connection, who have not learned or grown from their spiritual or energetic experiences will probably feel more tensions, anger, and some depression.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your vibrations high, and do not allow anyone to steal your happiness, or throw you off your center, and especially allow someone to take away your peace of mind! No excuses! Stay grounded and centered, take deep breathes often as needed. This to shall pass!

When Pluto conjuncts the Lunar Points of Destiny or South Node, more people start to work on ending something or closing a chapter in their life. Most of you will release or let go of something, including some relationships. But this energy also opens a doorway, where some souls here on Earth who are ready to transition over to the other side simply decide its time, including some celebs and anyone in the public eye. This is a time of endings, so people break loose, cut cords, and break bonds. Jobs and work responsibilities may come to an end now for many of you.

On April 14 & 15, a beautiful connection between loving Venus and powerful Pluto can help all the Signs of the Zodiac. But especially, all you Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus folks, you might be quite lucky during this time. This energy helps us draw in more money and financial gain. It’s also a good time to ask for a raise or bonus at work, with Pluto in business savvy Capricorn.

For all my fellow Astrology geeks, if you have planets close to 23 degrees in any of those signs, you could be extra lucky!

A Look Ahead
On April 19 the next Full Moon comes together, in the last degree of the sign represented by the Scales of Justice, Libra! In Astrology, this is considered to be the “critical degree”, therefore it also represents a strong time for Endings! This is not a time to freak out, Full Moons are always about Endings anyways. It’s a time to close a door, so you can open a new one! Slam that sucker shut! It’s a time to release what is no longer working for you or isn’t serving you or your life’s purpose. So the majority of you will experience this Full Moon’s energy in little ways.

But since this Pink Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, relationships are especially highlighted. But usually, it’s the ones where there is little to no communication, or that have already been doing poorly, or that are already on shaky ground. You can see this influence at work in both your personal and professional life, as things come to a close and a cycle must end so a new one can begin.

Take your time and pay attention this week! There’s a lot of strong Cosmic influences coming in and out. Be savvy and save this Blog to look back to, and help guide you. And as always if you need a personal guide to get you through any of this energy, please contact me about a Session.

Have a safe and improved week!

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