February Monthly Forecast

For All Zodiac Signs:

February is the shortest month of the year, and usually, it tends to be a quiet time on the Astrological front. All of the major planets are moving direct now, which means NO RETROGRADES all month long, and many of our projects or endeavors are straightforward and moving full steam ahead, and hopefully, you are enjoying some sort of payoff! However, the planets are going to be changing Zodiac signs quite a bit this month which does shake things up a bit here and there. 

On the 3rd, Venus the planet of LOVE shifts into more grounded Capricorn, and our focus shifts to the passion we feel towards meeting our goals, this energy is about how responsible we are when in love. In other words, people will be held accountable for how they act in their relationships, and they better accept the consequences or reality will take a hand and make sure of it! It’s a time to be more mature in our intimate and business relationships, so step it up, folks!

The New Moon will be most energizing in the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 4th. This lunation brings in new beginnings and hopefully a fresh start to our lives. This means we should be focusing on helping heal the world by embodying positive energies for our future, with our hopes and dreams. This influence can push us outside of our comfort zones, but for good reasons as this is a time of being awakened, and we will hopefully see exactly what that looks like through our visions, and when we socialize and brainstorm. This is a time when feelings need to be expressed in our friendships, as we develop a more open mind. This is a great time to push forward with whatever you were releasing around the Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 21st. This also can help us finish up the little things that need to be sorted out or put out of the way to make room for such big shifts.

On the 10th, mental Mercury the planet that rules over how we think and communicate enters the etheric waters of Pisces. We are led by our spirit and intuition under this influence, and it can be a great time to work with our imagination and to connect too something more spiritual. This is a time to follow what you feel and not so much your logic. On the 18th the Sun also enters this sign of the fish, Pisces, and this just intensifies these energies even more so. 

One of the heavy hitting planetary connections this month involves Mars (the warrior of the Zodiac) and Uranus (our higher-self) which are both currently in the sign of Aries (the warrior planet.) These two hook up in the 13th at what’s called the anaretic degree, where the planet of raw energy, Uranus is also at until February 6th, but when it finally moves into the sign of Taurus on March 6th and out of Aries.

This is going to cause some serious activity in February! This normally quiet month, won’t be so quiet due to these meetings. This highly active energy helps us focus on being productive and more positive, otherwise, there can be some major blow-ups as well! It’s all about control during this time. If you know your Astrology well enough than find 29 degrees of Aries in your personal “Astrology Birth Chart” and see where this energy is hitting and what part of your personal life you should be more focused on.

Mars is moving into the lovely sign of Taurus on February 14th (Valentine’s Day!) and Uranus isn’t too far behind as it moves into Taurus as well in March, which I am personally looking forward too. This is going to help calm some things down and we will slow way down, and be more patient and methodical in what we do. Plus a lot of that extra anxiety you might be feeling will simply go away. Mars change into Pisces starts to get us ready for the big shift, as the energies are rally going to make a huge change in February. We can begin to focus on new projects, opportunities, paths, and journeys that will keep us busy for quite some time. 

Chiron might not be quite big enough to be considered a planet, but this little asteroid has a huge impact on our lives! On Feb. 18th, Chiron re-enters back into the sign of Aries, (this happened last April, but due to Chiron being Retrograde, it had shifted back into Pisces for awhile.) So from Feb 18th onward Chiron will be in Aries consistently. 

This influence is about how healing begins on the inside, so within ourselves first. This helps us work on rebuilding our confidence, including around our body image, and the parts of our personalities that are more sensitive. Both personal and health issues that have been holding us back from moving forward or from thriving come back up to review and hopefully work through. This influence teaches us how to assert ourselves and focus on our own needs in a more healthy manner without feeling guilty! It’s time to be brave and courageous just like the sign of Aries leads by example, and meet our fears and insecurities head on and without so much dwelling or procrastination. This is also an important time to learn how to control our anger and use it for fuel and motivation, so you can take charge of your emotional state and health, both physically and spiritually. Chiron will be in the sign of Aries all the way through 2026. And this is right when the planet Uranus finally moves out of Aries, (this is a good thing), and into more relaxed Taurus in March, hopefully helping calm things down a bit.

The Full Moon occurs on Feb 19th, in the sign of service, Virgo in its first degree. This brings sudden awareness and information to our lives, especially in the areas that need more organization and order. Something can be exposed or illuminated under the Full Moon’s light, which helps us get in better touch with what we might have been neglecting or putting off, especially emotionally. But since this Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo, look for issues to arise around your work, or where you are of service to others, and around your habits, health, and routines. 

It’s going to be an interesting month full of interesting changes, but also opportunities if you can keep calm and not allow your temper to flare up. Have a great month folks, and as always if you are looking for some clarity or a guide to get you through life’s challenges, then get with me about having a session, just email me at healingruby@gmail.com or message me on Facebook over on Rubys Psychic Astrology Readings.



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