1. Thank you Ruby, I’m excited to get feeling better and getting out of my home to better and bigger things. I feel I’m going to heal myself from multiple sclerosis, because I have changed the things I have been eating to heal myself according to Matt Embry’s diet he has had ms 23 years and is doing great I’ve had it 21 years and I haven’t been so lucky. I know this full moon will bring a positive energy for me and my healing.

    • Ah that’s awesome JuNae! I hope this energy helps you continue along a more enlightened path of healing. I feel this Full Moon Eclipse is definitely going to change things around for many us! Hugs 😉

  2. There is so much energy brewing rite now that my long hair dances to an unseen symphony. I can sense it all building intensity leading jp to a karmactic, cosmic storm.
    My Q is: if last summer was mostly negative does that mean that this energy will prove to be some of that same negative energy?

    • Hmm that’s just a hard one to call without really knowing you or exactly what you were going through, in the end, whatever challenges you had if they were not worked on or changed in some way, then I would say they might come back in strong again so you can experience these issues even more so, and finally let go of something or change what needs to be changed.

      • Oh my, then that’s not good. I was having kidney surgeries up til the end of June. I guess it could be looked at a couple of different ways. Hmm. Maybe I should focus on the positive side. Because, by last August I was finally feeling abit better than I had since April 2017.
        But, when so much negative junk invades & it out numbers & out weighs the little bit of good, it is hard to think positive.
        I’m working on it. Thanx Ruby. You’re the greatest.

      • Hugs Cyndy I totally understand how health issues can change everything! I hope this year and the Eclipses bring an ending to suffering and new beginnings in your healing. 😉