Venus in Sagittarius

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by Rubys Readings
For All Zodiac Signs


Venus enters Sagittarius on Jan 6th, 2019 and will remain there through Feb 3rd, 2019.

Venus rules over what we value, how we love, and how we deal with our money. Under joyous Sagittarius, we feel (no matter what your Zodiac sign,) like enjoying ourselves, as we have much more courage to play and explore!

Under this transit people tend to be more romantic, adventurous, but also straightforward and blunt when it comes to love and financial situations. We are now leaving behind all the complex soul-searching feelings when Venus was in the sign of Scorpio, and can embrace being more direct about how we feel, which often brings clarity.

We also find ourselves feeling much more appreciative of the opportunities that show up, no matter how big or small. Being under this over the top energy we tend to share much more of ourselves with others, and our mentality leans more towards sharing and growing as a person.

Venus can be quite lucky in Sagittarius, as this influence allows doors to open in the areas of love, relationships, and around finances. This is not the best time to actually be careful with your money or finances necessarily, (even under so many planets in more careful and structured Capricorn, who wants us to hang on to what we have and to stick to what is already working.) But it’s also a very strong time for enthusiasm and spirit, so some spontaneity can bring in some pretty amazing things, follow your instincts.

Hearts open wider and possibilities for luck with money is strong. However, we can see what comes in, go out just as quickly if we aren’t careful with how much we decide to spend or how much love we give out without getting anything back. It’s an important time to show gratitude for what you already do have. Take nothing you get for granted, as the small things seem to just show up and can leave just as fast, enjoy your life.

Over the next month, enjoy the love and gifts from the Cosmos without any expectations of what you can get back, that’s a big no-no under Sagittarius energy. While Venus is in this sign, she is excited to share love and good feeling vibes to the most part, but can be done with it all in a heartbeat. Because this energy makes us feel more distracted by what is fun in the moment, and we can more easily dismiss the details and anything long-term.

This is NOT a time to get attached folks, or to create rules in your relationships, or put restrictions on lover, friends, or partners, or just anyone really. Don’t use people just to get what you want because you think it might be more of something valuable down the road, Karma will come back on you during this time. This is a time to see what your options are and what’s readily available to you first, and be more free spirited and just enjoy it all.

If you are currently in a relationship this placement can help you, if you learn how to play hard to get and be more of a tease, I know you don’t like to play games, but this is some seriously game playing energy, so keep it light and fluffy folks! Leave some mystery in your relationship or with your partner to figure out and enjoy, but don’t leave them guessing for too long, it’s really just about about living in the moment. And remember, if you set someone free and they come back, that doesn’t always mean it was meant to be, instead watch other people’s actions during Venus in Sagittarius, it will speak way more to you than words and show you where their heart is at.

Venus in Sagittarius can also have us desire way more than what we are getting or receiving, so we may be more attracted to what’s all shiny and new and still feel unsatisfied. Remember it’s usually the thought that counts, but getting what’s fair is a big deal under this influence. There’s more pleasure in seeking truth and higher meaning, as we’re more open, sincere, and optimistic with others during this time. We’re interested in knowing the deeper meaning behind the gifts we do receive, as this energy doesn’t help us to trust others very well, unfortunately.

Jumping to conclusions can be an issue, as any assumptions you make can just be problematic later. Therefore, it’s important to listen to other people. There is so much to learn on this exciting journey!

So Love today like there’s no tomorrow!

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