1. You idn’t mean the next 4 months did you? Our minds being on vacation? You meant the next 3 weeks, right? Personally I love it when Mercury is retrograde because I hear from all kinds of people I don’t normally, plus I enjoy the serendipity of the unexpected.

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    “There will be a point when this Mercury in Retro cycle will challenge you and your ego because you are also being tested by Mercury to learn how to trust the Universe in all its crazy unpredictable energies. So, therefore, it’s never a great idea to take failure personally, instead see it as a lesson and a learning experience. If you are doing the work spiritually or even just working with the energies in some way, you should put faith in that the doing that work, simply just works! All you can do is relax and flow with this influence and know you are doing what you can. Use this time wisely to go back over anything that comes up be it emotional, physical, or mental.” Ruby

    Ruby reminds us, it’s just another Mercury Rx…but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Check out what she has to say!