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    I believe great things are getting ready to happen in my life.
    I’ve suffered much over the past year from Jan 2017 to now here in May of 2018. Last year at this time I was just coming home from nursing rehab and my family connections were all unraveling.
    Now, here I am a year to the week out from all that. Have lost much of my family connection and a few friends and I have stepped away from one another too.
    I’m also dealing with significant lack currently in my life some days living quite literally hand to mouth minute by minute.But.
    I am also experiencing great joy.
    How? You ask, can I be experiencing great joy while dealing with all I’ve mentioned above?
    Because I am growing and blooming, and I am excited to learn just what type of flower I might become.
    For me it is a time of transforming.
    This is to be sure a grand time.
    A magnificent full moon, and I cannot wait to see what my magik might bring forth.
    I’ve drawn some incredible Tarot cards from my new Braille tarot deck that was gifted to me and I am excitedly awaiting the outcome they foretell.
    What is happening in your world?
    Read Ruby’s Readings and find out.
    Thanks Ruby for letting us in on the full moon and all it is offering.
    Blessid Be.