March Full Moon

March Full Moon

By Ruby
The Full Moon occurs Saturday, March 31st in the morning!
This is the second Full Moon in the month of March, so it’s a Blue Moon!
Blue Moon’s are rare and seem to be felt more strong, because they’re more intense than an average Full Moon. There’s other planetary connections coming together alongside this Full Moon which have already been felt by many of you.
This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, and the Sun is in Aries, which means the lesson for all of us is about balance. We’re being shown how we are to balance the needs of the folks we are in relationships with, (all kinds of relationships) while attending to our own personal needs. This energy can show you just what part of your life you need to balance the most, so pay attention to what the Universe is trying to show you, signs & symbols are coming in all over the place. For some of you this can be a major shift in your relationships.
Full Moons tend to bring out the TRUTH, plain and simple! Secrets tend to come out and we get answers under its light. This potent influence is a time of completion and endings. This energy gives us a chance to start reviewing our relationships with lovers, friends, co-workers, and family.
Clarity can now be gained which helps us make better more informed decisions, than we can move towards healing a current relationship or walk away. This might play out in a relationship in a less dramatic way, it’s not always something big but often something more subtle. Either way, this energy can help you breakdown your options, and create some issues to be worked through with a partner, friend, or family member.
The Sun in Aries & Moon in Libra make a tense connection to create a FULL MOON! This energy can play out in such a way that you may find yourself walking away from a current relationship, or setting boundaries with someone your close too. It’s also very important to take care of yourself first and foremost, so you can be around for the folks who depend on you.
Meanwhile, Saturn is in more stable Capricorn, which represents putting up boundaries, and Mars is also in Capricorn which represents the actions we take, and our anger and passion. So all four of these planets are making what’s called a harsh T-square. This challenging energy can be hard to handle! You may have to do something involving a relationship with someone or something, or it could be the relationship you have with yourself that needs some work! Either way, this influence can make you feel restless and anxiety ridden even more so than the Full Moon itself, but for some it feels more excitable
Work on channeling this energy in a more positive way and observe all the craziness, disruptions, and frustrations, and know something new is being developed. Perhaps there is something exciting and new being made up just for you right now! So if you take the time to look past all the conflict, you may just be able to feel that new energy coming together.
The Cosmos is providing us with a huge burst of energy through this Full Moon, but we may not feel it until after the Full Moon’s came together Saturday morning. The best way to figure out what new opportunities are headed your way, is to take responsibility for any past issues that make you still feel uncomfortable, and that might show back up around the time of this Full Moon, most importantly you should take care of these problems so something better can come in. Just make sure to clear space so you can create new energy.
The Full Moon in Libra just wants everyone to learn how to get along, but often the road to this balance is a chaotic one! The challenging part is this energy doesn’t support confrontation, and yet we don’t feel so much like addressing the more unpleasant things in life. With the Aries energy still at play we can feel uncomfortable and get pretty frustrated awfully fast! It’s important for all of the cardinal signs to make sure they take extra efforts by taking responsibility for their actions at this time, and those signs are Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra’s. But this emotionally charged, heated-up energy can affect each and every one of us, stay in control and be calm and enjoy the magic of the Full Moon.

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