Sun in Aries


The Sun is changing signs from emotional, sensitive Pisces to faster-moving, fiery Aries on March 20th where it stays through April 19th. In Aries, the energy is more enthusiastic and spontaneous. There’s a strong desire to conquer in this energy, as we tend to bounce back much more quickly and can be brave, pioneering, and even somewhat innocent. With the Sun in Aries, we can be quite impulsive and act without consideration of the details, as we want to initiate something. Our personal goals become very important and there’s a strong urge to move forward and get things done during this cycle.

When it comes to getting what we want we can be quite direct and blunt! So things aren’t always as complicated as long as you don’t let your feelings get hurt. Even though we are more strategic if need be, we aren’t necessarily in the mood to plan ahead simply because we aren’t too sure what our next move will be as we seem to live in the moment under the Sun in Aries. This is the time to initiate something by taking the lead and making your own path. We feel and notice our gut instincts more so under this influence, so listen to them and pay attention because we’re all going to be moving at a much faster pace now. Because with the Sun in Aries life just moves faster, and now that mental Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Chiron are all in this Sign it’s a great time to be productive, so go with it!

“Spring Equinox”

This is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the energetic turning point from one season to the next. This is the “Spring Equinox”, this energy is extremely potent and makes for a great time for “Setting Intentions” just like you would under the New or Full Moon!

As the seasons change a gateway opens where we experience the light and dark energy, which is the connection between spirit and matter. This makes it a great time to think about what energies you want to draw into you. Ask yourself what you want to manifest in your life next? Of course, we all want to be healthy and have lots of money, but this is a time when we should get more detailed when making our “Intentions” or wish lists, and don’t’ forget to add some realistic goals as well.

Take some time over the next few days to sit down and breathe, and then ask the Universe to bring in what you need and choose; Do you choose happiness? Yes, of course, you do, but around what situation and in what way? Write out some details about what you want. Do you want to buy a house or find a soulmate relationship? What do you need to move forward towards your goals? Write it all down and make it perfectly clear to the Universe what it is your asking for under this amazing energy! And then don’t forget the most important part, take some time to close your eyes and FEEL what’s it’s like to have your wish, goal, or desire, that’s the way to bring it in, just thinking about what you want might bring something to you, but usually if you didn’t choose to also FEEL it, it will go away! POOF!



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