Astro Weekend Update


Astro Weekend Update

by Ruby

I like to give my readers and clients information, knowledge is power as they say and this applies especially to Astrology because you will be happier if you know what energy is coming into your life and can work more with it than go against it. So I finally got some good news! This coming week brings in a great deal of positive energy and this gives us the opportunity to create some sort of abundance or good luck. I am telling everyone to take some time on Feb 28th to be creative, it’s going to be quite a prosperous day, so we should get to manifesting! Write down what you want to the Universe, Meditate, or do whatever you do to call in this energy to you!

You might just be able to manifest anything you wish with this lovely energy as beautiful Venus trines Jupiter, but there’s also more! I’ve been discussing the ongoing “Stellium in Pisces” that runs through March 5th, and these influences haven’t been easy for some folks to handle, but this is a healing energy with emotional side effects! This Stellium can actually be helpful for all of us because it creates some other amazing Astrological Connections into next week. Loving Venus meets up with powerful Pluto and Chiron “the teacher” in a nice connection, and then lucky Jupiter also connects nicely to Pluto and Chiron. This is an overabundance of wonderful aspects that we normally just don’t have at once, especially for you water signs, so Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpios. But these influences can be helpful for each and every sign of the Zodiac.

The Cosmos or Universe is bringing in some serious blessings, and these five amazing aspects bring in opportunities for money and abundance, as Venus visits the sign of Pisces as well. Prosperity is strong on Feb 28th also due to what’s called a GRAND TRINE in Astrology coming together between the MOON, MARS, and URANUS. These planets will all actually be in fire signs during their meeting, so Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo, so the Fire Signs of the Zodiac can really benefit from this energy. But again so can everyone else in some way!

Currently or this weekend or right now we are under the MOON in Gemini, so lots of communication is flying around all over the place, but it might be a little more slowed down than usual since we have so many signs (called a Stellium) in Pisces. But while the MOON is in Gemini, MARS is in fiery Sagittarius, and this is called an “opposition” and creates some friction. Starting late Saturday running through Monday the MOON will be in more chilled out Cancer, but this placement will be getting lots of love from all the planets in Pisces currently, so it can be somewhat confusing out there over the weekend. Some folks just may come across some frustrations or challenges, but also good things can happen.

This is certainly a weekend to count your blessings under, and if something doesn’t go right or goes wrong, don’t stay negative, try and change your way of thinking! When your energy is lower due to feeling sad or depressed, frustrated, disappointed, or angry, you push PROSPERITY AWAY! Did you read that, get it, read it again folks, seriously! So try and keep a more positive state of mind and if something frustrates you over the weekend, don’t allow it to be the only thing in your life. Then the good stuff can still come in as well, so be grateful for what you have! Remember this too shall pass!

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