Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse



by Ruby

The COSMOS is sharing something amazingly beautiful, something we haven’t experienced here on planet EARTH in over 150 years! There is a spectacular FULL MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE that is also a SUPERMOON and a BLUE MOON.

I know it’s been a rather rough week for lots of you, but there is some seriously important information being revealed at this time, and it’s up to you see what you can uncover. Remember during a FULL MOON and ECLIPSE the truth will come out! This astrological event is a rarity for sure. So let go of all those darker thoughts and feelings you have been wrapped up in and allow your thoughts and heart to support you now. The more you tap into your HEART and FEEL what an amazingly beautiful soul you truly are the more this FULL MOON can work to your advantage.

This FULL MOON’S ENERGY is encouraging us to see how our unique gifts, passion & drive, inner-light, and guidance can make a difference in the lives of others. This FULL MOON in the sign of LEO is about just how you make a difference in other people’s lives and how your own special gifts and unique talents can help others. If you choose to allow that light inside your heart radiate out and follow whatever path it lights up, you will move into a space that makes life flow easier. From that space you will move with ease and begin to see just how your life is part of something greater than you and your relationships or jobs, it runs much deeper and with greater meaning.

The FULL MOON in LEO is all about being in touch with your heart! Doors of opportunity are opening now folks, and can have a great impact on you and the world! But you have to find them and that is through sharing your special gifts with the world.

During a FULL MOON when the MOON is fully at its peak and illuminated and it sits in direct opposition to our SUN, and the energy is just heightened, and so is our emotions, feelings, dream-world, and our way of thinking! When the SUN & MOON oppose each other during a FULL MOON, it causes tension and friction that can be quite uncomfortable. But at the same time, this is a great boost of energy that amplifies our visions and intuition.

Since this is a SUPERMOON the energy runs extremely high and we can feel more emotional, stimulated, and awakened. Many of you are already talking about the sleep issues you are having days prior, and since this influence is so strong we can experience very vivid and lucid dreams. Our psychic-self is highly tuned in and our intuition is heightened now. The synchronicity is strong and we all can feel more sensitive and just aware of the energies around us. Which means we are picking up on others energies more so than usual, but also all living things as we have our fingers on the pulse of the Universe right now.

It’s getting closer now folks, the FULL SUPERMOON/TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE is on January 31st!

This is a whole lot of energy and a lot to type out also lol, but we can expect this second FULL MOON of the month to be extremely potent and strong. Just think back to whatever you were experiencing in AUGUST 2017, as many of those issues or situations will either be closed out for good or get going all over again. Also, old lovers and besties could resurface during this time, and second chances, but also past challenges.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is full and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from partially-fully reaching the Moon, and the Moon is cast in the Earth’s shadow.

This TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE will bring up our past and take us down memory lane around our childhood, where we remember the good experiences or times when we felt more loved and nurtured, and how our families played a part in helping us to be who we are now. You might find yourself reminiscing about the past deeply, feeling what it was like back then, and getting a chance to reflect on our lives now.

The ECLIPSE will be in the sign of LEO so this will be a good time for some of you to get good deals or sales, and a little gambling might bring in some rewards. Remember we all can’t be winners at the same time, but our chances might be higher than usual and anything to do with fun, luck, romance, and opening your heart can bring in rewards with the MOON in Leo. Look for great bargains too, lots of doors open during this time. If you have been dealing with an illness you just couldn’t get rid of than you might start to feel better soon.

With the NORTH NODE (the points of fate), also now in the sign of LEO during this FULL MOON, and the SOUTH NODE in the opposite sign of AQUARIUS, we will feel strong, confident, empowered, and willing to embrace being who we want to be, and that means being a WOMAN is a big deal right now! The LEO energy helps us to take risks and to be seen and heard, and not be afraid to be our true authentic selves no matter what that looks or feels like. Embrace your Womanhood ladies!

The Full Moon is a powerful time for working on gratitude, so just acknowledging the beauty of life itself is important now. What an opportunity to let go of any part of your life that is no longer working for you or that part of your life that isn’t a direct reflection of the best parts of who you authentically are. This FULL MOON is also a BLUE MOON, simply because it is the second FULL MOON in a Calendar month! So as rare as this event is, allow yourself to feel what you are truly grateful for, as there’s lots of magic in the air now.

Also, February is a shorter month this year and technically there are no FULL MOONS in the month of Feb 2018. So the next FULL MOON after this one on Jan 31st doesn’t fall until March 2nd, and when there is no FULL MOON in a CALENDAR MONTH it is called a “BLACK MOON.” A NEW MOON is a great time to set intentions, and make our wish lists or write out goals about what we want to bring in to our lives. A BLACK NEW MOON is an auspicious time that amplifies our intentions and deepest desires, it is a very powerful time for creativity and manifestation. Which I will explain more as we get closer to this time.

The FULL MOON is a time when people like to get seriously spiritual, and for good reason. Take in this energy and breathe in the essence of the healing energy it is sending! Let it recharge you and help you connect to the Universe. Take some time to let this FULL MOON illuminate your soul, and help you release whatever isn’t working for you anymore. It is a time to LET GO!

There’s a lot of folks having ceremonies for this particular event simply because it is an Eclipse and is Rare. If you can’t get to one in person than join a group online as there are many. Or just simply light a candle, close your eyes, do some deep breathing and allow your heart to open fully. We need LOVE on this planet, so send that out and visualize yourself receiving it back! Connect to your higher power and work directly with this energy.

Until next time have a wonderful FULL MOON ECLIPSE WEEK FOLKS!
Full Moon Blessings


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