from January 17, 2018 – February 10, 2018.

With the planet of LOVE & VALUE shifting into intellectual AQUARIUS, we have a more high-minded approach to matters of the heart, because we are more emotionally detached in our relationships.

If single you may desire someone to love that shares your same values. Still following our hearts leads us to seek out not only a partner but a true friend. If you already committed then you will be less interested in what mundane tasks you share, but you can feel more like discovering new, different, or unique ways of relating to your partner.

We are drawn to the unconventional, as we seek out freedom and independence in our intimate relationships and close personal friendships. We also might need some space in social situations. Even though we aren’t as attached, this is a good time to meet new people. Get out there and participate in life and get social and attend events with folks who share common interests and goals.

Under this Aquarius influence, we can be extremely faithful to our partners and friends but it has to be on our own terms! This can be a wonderful time to strengthen the bonds of an ongoing relationship or partnership. But not a great time for romance, we aren’t looking for mushy lovey-dovey kind of connections. Remember we relate better to our relationships with our minds! If you want to grow closer to someone single or committed, work on building a more solid friendship with them during this time. Being true friends also means we allow our partner’s space to freely express themselves and treat others fairly!

This is a time when people tend to get experimental in their relationships, or even just playing the dating field. Since the SUN is also about to shift into Aquarius, we may enjoy some seriously sexy fun! (right there Mr. Gray! Uh huh!)

And since VENUS rules how we love and support one another you may feel like doing some kind of charity or humanitarian work. And boy, do we need some good folks right about now to fight and advocate for those who cannot do it for themselves. It’s a great time to help others especially groups of different kinds! Get with any program you feel passionate about and hopefully, you’ll make a difference in someone’s life!


Mr Gray is not sexy fun. It’s abuse. Other than that, great post.


    I can see where it can be seen that way, but I was really referring to the kinky kind of sexual play that is displayed in the movie because it is often associated with this energy.
    Thank You 😉


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