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“Steady Changes

There’s a whole lot of planets in the Earth Sign of Capricorn this week, this is called a Stellium, this is when three or more planets are in one Sign at the same time. So the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury are all in Capricorn.

That’s a whole lot of Capricorn energy folks, and anyone who is born under the sign of the Goat should be feeling more lively during this time, as this energy just works for you! Fellow Earth Signs Taurus & Virgo will also enjoy this energy quite nicely, or should for the most part. And Scorpio and Pisces should do well.

But this energy can be heavy feeling and can present some challenges as well. Since Capricorn energy is ruled by slowed down Saturn, this is moving things along very slowly, as the energy is at a very low vibration right now, and some of you might feel too grounded and lack motivation or even feel depressed during this time.

So of course, not everything is going to be easy for any of us, as there is much hard work to get done. If you can stay focused, disciplined, and organized things should move steadily ahead. This slower moving energy is making everything just operate more slowly and it’s been quite a strange vibe in the air over the last few days, also lots of folks are sick and can’t seem to shake it and that freezing temps have everything to do with all this Capricorn energy, as Saturn is considered to be the coldest planet in the Cosmos emotionally speaking! And I am already convinced weather has everything to do with how we are feeling emotionally first, but that’s a topic for another time.

Cancers are being presented with many challenges in their relationships, around their health and work actually, so keep your immune systems up against illness my Crab friends. Aries & Librans are also feeling quite off during this period. The other Signs of the Zodiac besides the ones I have mentioned will not be bothered as much by this Stellium, so that would be Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, & Gemini folks.

With so many planets in the sign of Capricorn, our personal “Astrology Birth Charts” are going to bust out with energy in one area of our lives no matter what sign we are!

1) Which area of your life should you be focusing on to maximize growth and success?
2) What messages is the Universe is trying to pass along to you?
3) What part of your life are you supposed to pump up?

Capricorn energy wants us to take a step back and notice what is going on, it wants us to buck up in one certain area of our life. With this many planets in one sign, there’s a message to pay attention to.

A ONE QUESTION READING by me can answer those questions, and more importantly, I have January’s and 2018 Astrology Reports to pass along with these Reports full of information to help guide you along the way.

Order a one question reading and ask, “What’s my Capricorn Message?” Just email me and I will do the research to help you understand what the Capricorn Stellium is trying to do for you, and I will add a January Report about how all the planets are affecting you, and/or a 2018 Astro Report full of even more information.

This Capricorn energy will help us create or manifest things even if we don’t feel we are getting ahead yet so we may have a strong urge to get organized and disciplined in some way. It is a great time for decluttering your life and doing energy work around your home and office. It’s a time to clear out old energy and cleanse ourselves too.

Everything is energy, so our thoughts and words, and money & luck are all attached. When we feel blocked or angry, our energy gets low and we can get easily depressed and physically ill. While other folks around us and situation can be like energy Vampires and drain us of our energy. It’s important to know how to protect yourself and clear your energy field!

Unfortunately, some folks just send out negative thoughts to us, even from a distance. And sometimes others send more loving thoughts, and that too connects to us. So energy is coming at us constantly, and if you don’t do little things to keep that energy at bay than you can have some issues. It’s a good time to learn about Crystals & Gemstones or whatever will help you feel more like you are protecting yourself from those negative energies.

Also, there are times when someone is angry or upset with us and is sending out negative energies, like when they talk badly about us, it all of the sudden will affect us in some way, and we may feel sad or frustrated emotionally when these emotions hit us it’s hard to explain. Do you ever just suddenly get a headache out of the blue or feel a sudden spark of joy in your heart? Perhaps you should be happy in some situation but you feel exhausted and sad instead.

This doesn’t mean someone is actively sitting down, lighting candles or working with some sort of Voodoo to harm you, even though yes it does happen, just saying! But since your thoughts and emotions are energy, it’s important that we recognize what energies belong to us and what doesn’t. Learn how to send back any negative emotions others are sending you without sending them anything negative back, that is the key to keeping your energy balanced.



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