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Saturn in Capricorn
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As the light of day grows even shorter a Cosmic Shift is here with Saturn the “Lord of Karma” and “Great Teacher” of the cosmos shifting out of the sign of Sagittarius and into Capricorn December 19th.
Saturn moving through Capricorn is a huge game changer for all of us, no matter what Zodiac Sign you are!
Those of you born under the sign of theMystical Sea Goat” (Capricorn) will have some big changes over the next three years, but that also means serious rewards will come after you’ve passed Saturn’s lessons. And for those folks who are Sun Sign Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, or Virgo now are due for some rewards for all your hard work over since 2015, and the challenges you have worked through. But again do remember this affects each and every one of us! As we are now being taken down a new path full of new lessons and tests to pass and to reap the rewards once we have finished the lesson.
All of our personal Astrology “Birth Charts” are different, so making specific predictions based just on your Zodiac Sign alone isn’t going to tell the whole picture. Every one of you will be affected by Saturn’s shift in some way! Even if you are a Sagittarius, Saturn will no longer be up in your face like it has been for so long, but it’s ready now to teach all the Zodiac Signs some new lessons.
Whatever part of your life Saturn is showing up in your personal Astrology “Birth Chart” is where you’ll face your greatest challenges. So if you haven’t already purchased a “Saturn Report”, from me, please do so, just message me on Facebook or email me at and ask me, “How will Saturn in Capricorn affect me?
I will do the research in your personal Birth Chart, and send you a detailed report via email full of all kinds of information that will help you navigate your life and understand just how the cosmos is going to be affecting you personally, not just because you are a Virgo or Leo or whatever sign.
Saturn is our teacher and if you pass his tests over the next three years, you’ll end up with serious rewards. This can affect any part of your life, so from your career to your love life. Some of you may have to deal with marriage woes while others have to work through your family’s dysfunctions, and then some of you will have hard lessons around money. Therefore, forewarned is forearmed, and it’s best to be prepared for whatever lessons Saturn is about to give you to be prepared, just like studying for a quiz, I will give you the information to be ready!
The good news is we are done now with the tests of Saturn in Sagittarius and should expect some sort of rewards very soon! We’re graduating from this energy, so let’s go back for a minute to December of 2014, and September of 2015. If you can remember what issues or concerns you had starting back then, those were your lessons from Saturn and now that part of your life has moved on, especially if you did the work that was required of you and passed the tests or challenges you faced. Those issues will soon be done and that means rewards will soon be coming. Now we move towards new challenges as Saturn starts new lessons and moves into Capricorn.
Some of you will not have quite as a difficult time during Saturn’s cycle in Capricorn. While others folks need to really prepare for the next three years of hard work coming, and some of you might cruise through this cycle with little challenges. Remember, the more difficult the lesson, the greater the reward! If you had nothing but problems over the last three years, then you can expect some pretty big rewards to start coming your way at some point next year!
Divine Energy is Here!
Starting December 18 through the 22, there are some seriously potent energies influencing us, and there is a major trigger that sets things off in harmonious connections through the cosmos and planetary energies coming our way! As this energy peaks on the 19th, we can expect it to activate a deep part of our subconscious mind more effectively. Divine Awareness sends messages to us subconsciously, and due to this strong activation, we may receive more divine wisdom, intuition, and dream messages than usual. This is a huge deal folks! I personally have already been having the most amazing synchronistic moments and dreams about the future. So pay attention to the signs, symbols, and messages the Cosmos is trying to get to you during this time.
The New Moon that just came together on the 18th fell very close to this cosmic energy and those of you born in late December will be highly affected by it, but many of you will feel something magical is happening in your life as we have been already experiencing no matter what your birthday or sign maybe.
2018 Weight Loss or Gains
With Saturn’s shift on December 20, into Capricorn, both Capricorn’s and Leo’s will be in a weight loss cycle for 3 years, woohoo! If you are one of these signs or your Rising Sign is either Cap or Leo, it’s a great time to get into the spirit of getting healthy! This energy is the extra boost you need to help your metabolism as well as your endurance and strength for working out. Also, it can be extra helpful for writers (win-win) and can help remove writer’s block!
Then there are going to be those of you who need to be more cautious and really work at getting healthier during over the next year. Scorpio and Gemini both Sun and Rising signs should be extra careful about what they are feeding themselves throughout 2018! You could put on weight more easily without even trying as Jupiter the Planet of Expansion and Growth can mess with your waistline! You should think about getting into a workout program and look into certain Gemstones that can help you over the next 12 months keep away those extra pounds and offset this energy.
I hope you have an amazing week!


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Capricorns are very practical. Therefore, as your relationship progresses he will want to help you in practical ways and take care of you to a certain extent. As they are not very expressive there are Signs a Capricorn man likes you loves you and wants you without expressing his feelings.


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