“Neptune Goes Direct”


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“Neptune Goes Direct”

Many of you have been feeling confused for a while now, but we might finally start to see things more clearly again soon. In fact, many of you will find answers over the next few weeks!

Neptune goes direct from being in Retrograde in Pisces on November 22nd, talk about one confusing influence! It’s finally time to move forward with our deepest dreams and desires, and let go of whatever illusions we have been holding onto!

The illusions that have been seriously draining our energies! Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirit, so when Retrograde or backward, we tend to feel more drained, foggy, confused, and even ill. This has been a rough time with Neptune also being in the sign it rules Pisces because basically, this placement enhanced all of Neptune’s traits, so it’s felt more fuzzy and confusing than usual. Well, folks, this cloud is finally just about to lift!

If you have planets in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” that are in the signs of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius than you might have been feeling this Neptune Retrograde Cycle even more so than the other signs.

All of us no matter what Zodiac Sign we maybe have some big things on the horizon, it’s just depends on if we take advantage of these energies or not!”

This aspect gives us the opportunity to let go of something we’ve been hanging onto that has seemed just impossible to manifest. A WAKE-UP call is about to shake many of you right back into reality! You will figure out soon how that dream or fantasy just isn’t going to happen! But it is a good time to release old emotional wounds, resentments, and grudges. It is a good time to work on forgiving yourself and others as well.

Neptune going Direct opens a door to finally do something that you’ve dreamed of that just didn’t seem possible, and it may not make a lot of sense but that doesn’t matter. If there’s been something you’ve really wanted to try or do and if you got some negative feedback from the people around you, it doesn’t matter because here shortly will be the time to go and at least try.

How can you tell what to dreams to chase? What is the impossible dream and will never happen? What is your true destiny, or higher calling that honors the path spirit wants you to follow?

The best way to tell the difference between what goals and dreams you should be going after is to think about the ones you keep chasing that drain your energy or actually start to depress you. That means it’s just an illusion and isn’t probably part of the path you should be going down. The right goals are the ones that make you feel energized or pumped up in some way and still excited, those are signs that you are going after a goal that is allowing you to express your authentic-self, which is a pretty good indicator that you are going down the right path!

November 22nd is the magical day when Neptune goes into its direct motion from being in Retrograde. Things are either going to finally start to come together or fall apart in the days prior and for some time after as well. Most of us can take comfort in the knowing that things are finally starting to come together now, for others the falling apart might feel bad but is happening for a higher purpose. There are breakthroughs happening all around us now!

Important Astrological Events for November:

Nov. 13th – This is a lovely day to jot down in your calendar and make sure to circle it or have your Google Calendar remind you. It is when lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter meet up and bring in some seriously positive energy around love and money!

Nov. 13th – This day is going to be quite mentally active, but also this is a time when folks might be hiding the truth from you in some way, and others will just lie straight to your face. So be careful of what you believe or who you listen to at this time, as lies and deceit can be lurking all around with Mercury squaring Neptune today!

Nov. 16th – Venus Trines Neptune. This is a beautifully romantic energy that can make our current relationships just feel dreamy, but also if you are single it can help you meet someone pretty interesting, you could fall for someone fast because things aren’t clear under this energy, so take it VERY SLOW!

Nov. 17th – Mercury makes a nice connection to passionate Mars on this day, so let’s just face the fact that Mars is the planet of war and aggression, so even when it’s nice it’s not that NICE LOL, but it will help you to speak up and ask for what it is you want exactly make no mistake.

Nov. 18th – New Moon in Scorpio, this is one of the big ones folks, this is the time to manifest and plant seeds of intention with the Universe in a big way! This energy can make things happen and if you make that wish you might just really see it come true.

Nov. 19th – Mars Squares Pluto- Some folks are going to get very angry, frustrated, and temperamental, so watch what you say and to who and try to keep yourself cool and calm. Get ready folks this one is going to be a big one!

Why not order a “One Question Reading” with me right here and ask where the NEW MOON is going to fall in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart”.

Let me help guide you and help you discover just where you should be putting your focus on this next NEW MOON. I will also send a November Horoscope Forecast and Transit Forecasts along with this report. These are great tools that help you see into your own future, so you know what is going to work and what just won’t.


Email me to purchase your NEW MOON report at healingruby@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook under Rubys Astrology Readings.

Have a good one folks!
~ Ruby

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