“Full Moon Reports”

Rubys Astro Readings
“Full Moon Reports”


For all the Signs of the Zodiac:
The build-up of energy to the Full Moon in Taurus on November 4th has begun!

You’re probably already noticing feel different as these energies merge together for the upcoming Taurus Moon. This particular Full Moon is called a “Cazimi Moon” when the Moon comes very close to the earth.

Times of Full Moon peaking:
1:23 AM Eastern time
12:23 AM Central time
November 3 at 10:23 PM Pacific time

The closer to Earth the Moon gets the stronger the energies are felt, as this intensity affects us on a deep emotional level. You’re probably already feeling it! You might feel nervous, tired, or just anxious and lots of folks don’t sleep as well when the Full Moon starts to form, which can last throughout this weekend.

Our deep emotions are what manifest our life, both good and bad. If we understand it or not! If we are aware of it or not! Therefore, it’s important to keep our energies on a higher vibrational level this week. If we can sustain a somewhat higher vibration within ourselves than our life will reflect just that and we can manifest our goals, wishes, and desires much easier.

Each month the Full Moon helps us find out certain truths and gives us clarity so we can work on specific wishes or desires. It also helps us release and let go of situations, people, or energies to make room for whatever new energies we are trying to manifest in our lives. Full Moons do help create endings in this way and then two weeks later during the New Moon we start planting seeds for something else new to begin, so we’re are always moving energies in and out!

During the Full Moon on November 4th, the Universe is inviting you to work on something specifically! And that all depends on just where the Full Moon is going through your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart”. This tells you what part of your life you should be giving more attention to. If you are looking for more clarity and insight around how this Full Moon is affecting you personally, order a “Full Moon” report with me, just email me at Here or message me on Facebook “How will the Full Moon Affect Me?

I’ll research your Astrology “Birth Chart” and send you back a detailed report along with some extra Personal Horoscope forecasts for November, and I always add a few of what are called your personal Astrological Transits. These are Horoscopes that explain how the planets are affecting you very personally based on your chart information. These are unique and only apply to you!


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