Weekend Love Forecast



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Weekend Love Forecast

Have you been thinking a lot about your love life lately and feel like your not getting back what you deserve?

This weekend with the Moon in Scorpio, those feelings can get even stronger! We are feeling all kinds of emotions passionately so there may be issues of intimacy and vulnerability that can make you feel weighed down. Our hearts can feel extra heavy, but the intense Scorpio Moon allows you to go deep and helps you analyze how you’re feeling, either about your relationship or yourself and just how you want your love life to look like. If you need some answers, this weekend you’ll have an opportunity to get in touch with your feelings and can possibly learn a whole lot.

Sunday, the cosmos light things up and gets even better, hopefully making you feel happier when the Moon shifts into Sagittarius and this energy encourages more optimistic feelings about our love life. Even better, action-packed Mars enters Libra on Sunday, joining up with lovely Venus who’s already just waiting to hang out! The Cosmic Lovers Venus and Mars are known for bringing people together. Venus helps gives us what we want and Mars will show you how to get it. With both of these planets moving through the sign of love and relationships, Libra, you might just gain some serious clarity about what it is you want, and these influences give you the power to make it happen!


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