The Week Ahead with a New Moon


The Week Ahead with a New Moon



The New Moon is on the 19th of October in the sign of Libra, which symbolizes both love and relationships.

But it’s also in a challenging opposition to electric Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises.

This can be a “love at first sight” sort of energy, in fact, both the Sun and the Moon will be opposite Uranus, so this is going to be one highly charged action-packed kind of energy. If you are single and looking for love and wish to meet someone special this NEW MOON can help draw in a pretty interesting partner, and maybe in an “out of blue” kind of way!

Love can show up in ways you least expect so you may be introduced to someone or put in a situation where you get to meet a new lover, so this can be an exciting time.

Also, next weekend starting October 22nd is considered to be a highly favorable and maybe even lucky time. When the Sun shifts into Scorpio, with lucky Jupiter and mental Mercury are already in this sexy, mysterious sign it’s going to get interesting folks! We may find luck in the strangest and oddest of places.

This can be such a fortunate energy, that it might just be one of the luckiest periods of the whole year for some folks. New Moons are the best time of the month to Set “New” Intentions under.

There is a specific part of your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” that this New Moon will be traveling through, where it’s most potent energy will be, and knowing this information can tell you just what kind of intentions you should be setting.

To find out how to harness this energy and what area of your life it will be affecting the most from October 19th through November 4th, order a One Question” Report from me. Message or email me and ask me, “How will this Libra New Moon affect me?” I will do the research into your Astro Birth Chart” and send you a personal email report full of details all about the New Moon. I also like to add future Horoscope Forecasts to my reports to keep you informed of how the cosmos energy will be affecting you.

Email me at or Facebook Message me on my page at Ruby Page.

Some other cosmic highlights you may want to pay attention to on the astrological front line this month are:

  • Saturday, October 14th – Venus just shifted into lovely Libra, and this planet just loves being in its own sign and works very well here. Plus all our Sun Libra’s and Rising Libra’s peps should be enjoying this energy for the next three weeks in some amazing ways.
  • October 15th Mercury also in Libra, makes a challenging opposition to rebellious Uranus in fiery Aries, so watch out for unexpected arguments and disagreements! These two potent, electrifying planets shoot out a lot of raw energy which can cause some high anxiety! They boost each other and also have been causing a sort of Mercury in Retrograde effect with electronic snafus and glitches. This won’t last for too long.
  • October 18th Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio meet up and make it a great time to negotiate, and also get more agreeable answers in business and pleasure.

  • – October 23rd The Sun shifts into more mysterious, sexy Scorpio for the next 30 days, which means huge transformations will take place.

    Enjoy the rest of October and stay informed with my Readings and Blogs posted daily!

    Have a good day!



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The game is afoot!

Enjoy the rest of October and stay informed with my Readings and Blogs posted daily!


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