Jupiter enters Scorpio


Jupiter in Scorpio
By Ruby

This Transit Only Comes Around Every 12 Years!

Starting October 10, 2017,
Jupiter shifts out of Libra and into the sign of Scorpio starting Oct 10, 2017. This brings in a whole new energy that we get to experience for the next year. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and good fortune, and yes it does directly affect all of us.

Jupiter will take a new turn into a place it hasn’t been in 12 years. It is important to give this influence some attention because, under Scorpio’s influence, Jupiter will bring out the more shadowy, darker, soulful things in our lives to explore and discover, so that we may heal! Good and even wonderful opportunities can be found in the strangest of places during this time.

Each of the signs of the Zodiac has a light and dark side to them! We have to know the shadow side of our human existence in order to understand all of who we are. Over the next year, both sides of Scorpio’s energies will manifest in our lives in one way or another. We need these lessons to evolve and grow, as this is a great time to rebuild what has been broken down or even destroyed in some way to build back up later once Jupiter shifts again next year into Sagittarius.

Jupiter rules over our beliefs, values, faith, and helps us explore the possibilities. Scorpio’s influence is about regeneration, rebirth, and transformation. These themes will be strong for the next 13 months. This is an opportune time to use this life-changing Scorpio energy to your advantage and get in touch with your more secretive, soulful, repressed, and sexy sides! This energy is also quite magical, so it’s a great time to learn about your inner-power and wisdom because knowing the truth about yourself sets you free.
Jupiter is the natural point of luck and expansion and where we can most easily and exponentially grow, develop, and master our lives. It’s the planet that urges you to try new things and expand. Jupiter is a light that shines and it tends to bring out our sense of humor, sense of style, and how you self-indulge, and what brings you joy.
If you know even a little bit about Astrology, then you probably have heard of “Lucky Jupiter” and can be curious just where it will bestow its good fortune in your life. And every year when this planet changes signs around the Zodiac it seems to get a lot of attention by the Astrology community and rightfully so. We all want to know where we can see a little luck and opportunity show up in our lives!

Go back 12 years ago, to November 2005 through 2006, this gives us some insight as to just how Jupiter’s last run through Scorpio affected our lives. Understand, however that was a different time and our situations were different, so things won’t be exactly the same. So circumstances can be completely different, but certain patterns are followed and have a funny way of repeating themselves even in the most subtle ways.
If you are curious about where this new energy with Jupiter in Scorpio will take you personally, then we must explore just what parts of our lives this energy will influence the most. Our luck and opportunities will take on a more Scorpio flavor now. Over the next year, Jupiter’s influence will cut right to the core of important issues around power and control and get to the heart of the matter. This can be a beneficial time in our lives, especially in our relationships with each other, but this also is the raw and ugly truth coming out so feelings are going to get hurt and frustrations will come up.
Scorpio Secrets

You might hear around the water cooler or more than likely from some Astrologers that Jupiter doesn’t mix well with the sign of Scorpio, but our luck and control actually can make more sense than one might think. This particular Jupiter aspect could end up being even better than Jupiter in Libra over the last 12 months, as for some it didn’t prove to be as good as some folks had predicted.
This time around Jupiter is getting some support from dreamy Neptune and some other planetary alignments.
This significant cycle might actually turn out more positive vibes and bring some awesome rewards with it. Anyone who is sensitive or empathic might finally catch a break during this time. so if you have been feeling beat up or drained recently than you might see some positive changes. It’s a time to feel hopeful once again and to start something new since 2016 wasn’t an easy year for most.
This opportunity only comes once every 12 years, and you might just receive some good luck or something you weren’t expecting around what’s been hidden or kept a secret! Scorpio energy is what has been swept under the rug or forgot about, it also helps us rebuild our lives and many of you have been broken down over the last few years, so who knows what you might discover while Jupiter’s job is to expand and bring forth new opportunities.

Jupiter in Scorpio starts October 10th, 2017 and goes through November 8th, 2018.

Jupiter in Scorpio Related Themes
Here are some examples of the related themes that might come out and need to be worked on while Jupiter transits the sign of Scorpio.
The Occult, Metaphysical, & Mystical
Studies involving Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, & the Occult, and really all forms of Divination, can be more interesting. (I actually bought into a Metaphysical Store back 2006, and built my business and clientele base that I run to this day last time Jupiter was in Scorpio.)

Joint Resources & Other People’s Money
Situations around what we own together, which includes gifts, shared resources, and inheritances will be more openly discussed and given.

Relationship Dynamics
Strong feelings of desire, jealousy, possessiveness, control, and power will be highlighted in our relationships during this time.
Sexual Relations
Anything to do with sex or intimacy is going to be magnified to the fullest now, we will feel strongly about connecting in much more deeper ways to one another. This might actually help us start to learn how to reconnect during the Social Media Era, which can be just what we need now as we have detached way too much from each other. This will also bring up issues that are considered taboo or part of topics we shouldn’t discuss and truths will be brought out of the closet about who might have hurt who sexually.
Topics that are considered to be kept quiet or taboo, like suicide awareness and assisted death can get a lot of attention during this cycle. But also we will see major endings and new beginnings of all sorts during this time, as Jupiter lights up things and expands them.
Taxes, Reform & re-evaluation,
this will continue to be a strong topic on a federal level.

Therapy & Psychoanalysis
Scorpio energy is very deep and psychologically driven, so people will be discussing their deepest emotional and mental issues, along with what’s been hidden or suppressed. Some folks will really dive deep into their emotional wounds so this will be a great time for healing. Topics like anger management, addiction treatment, mental health & illness, and our prison system will be more widely discussed and in major transformation and change for the next 13 months.

Jupiter’s New Run of Luck & Expansion
This new cycle of luck and expansion is already in motion, it’s helpful to think about the journey this energy will put you on personally. This is a new and exciting time, as Jupiter only transits each sign of the Zodiac once every 12 yrs and so when it finally arrives it can bring in some blessings hopefully as well along with some serious healing as we purge out what hasn’t been discussed or repressed in some way.
So what if you are a Sun Sign Scorpio? Well, you will benefit most from this energy, and your fellow water signs could get a boost of extra luckiness as well, Cancer & Pisces. The Earth Signs also might have a run of extra good luck, Capricorn, Taurus, & Virgo.

However, all of the signs can benefit from Jupiter’s new shift into soulful Scorpio!

All in all, it just depends on where Jupiter is cruising through in your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart” if you would like to know more about how Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio will affect you and your life, get with me to order an Astrology Report.

Just email or message me and ask me, “How will Jupiter in Scorpio affect me?” I will do the research for you and make a nice detailed report and email it to you. I will also be adding “Horoscope Forecasts” to this report as well as some of your personal “Transits,” all of this is based on your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart“. (This is a service and does have a fee.)

Hopefully, you will uncover some secrets and resources you can benefit from over this next year, while Jupiter transits Scorpio and learn some powerful truths that will heal your soul.

~ Ruby


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