Times of Change! 

Rubys Astro Readings

The Final Act! 

Today, Jupiter and Uranus form their third-and-final opposition since late last year, this is the final big act connected to the Uranus-Pluto square energy that’s took over this last decade.

The influence has already been affecting many of you, but it peaks today. Under this influence we feel like gaining our freedom, especially in close relationships. We seek out partners, but also will fight for our individuality. We’re looking for a release or freedom from all the stress, pressure, and from where we feel backed into a corner, restricted, or uneasy. 

The events that occur now can bring in some big surprises and sudden changes of heart, which can lead you down a whole different path. There’s a strong desire to learn and grow and to make progress. We find inspiration in different or unusual situations or people, this opens the door to finally believing in some sort of new possibility.

We can be extremely rebellious and impulsive under this influence. This energy helps to motivate us just enough to try something new or break free from a bad or strained situation. It’s important not put your new idea or path up so high that you forget what is truly important to you, don’t lose sight of the truth. 


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