Rubys Astro Readings
By Ruby

Mercury is leaving its Retrograde cycle, finally! Can I get a HOORAY!! Heavy Deep Sigh! And exhale, haha

Mentally strong Mercury, the planet that rules over our way of thinking, communication, and forward movement is finally turning direct this morning, from being Retrograde (backward) since August 12th.

Over the coming weeks ahead, the problems we’ve been experiencing with communication, decision-making, and glitchy electronics will start to improve. Slowly will able to make decisions once again, but be patient folks, this energy doesn’t change over night, it takes time to get back to normal. Just be thankful, we’re on the right track again!

Any plans or projects you couldn’t get finished over the last month or so can at least get started with the potential for success now. Start out by taking baby steps for now, because we actually can be overwhelmed with too much information during this time. This can make things even more confusing and difficult to make sense of. It’s actually probably a good idea to wait, before making any important decisions for the time being, as our thinking isn’t quite right just yet!

In fact, this “Shadow Phase” of Mercury Retrograde coupled along with all these other energies and the dreamy Full Moon can simply be too much energy to handle and very distracting! The clarity we seek isn’t readily available under all this heavy fog today. Try to wait it out if at all possible, if you’re needing to make any major changes, around the 9th things will really start to make sense again. The shadow phase technically lasts through the Sept 19th!


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