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Today is day the planet Saturn gears up to enter its last months in the sign of Sagittarius, so just like all planets it’s going through a huge shift, 

This energy can feel more heavy and harsh with Saturn in its last months of being in a sign, because it will shift into the sign of Capricorn starting on December 20th of this year, and remember this affects every one of us no matter what your sign.

You might feel more aggravated or pushed to get moving in the right direction during this time. Saturn is the planet of reality and Karma! It shows us the cold, harsh truth about our lives. But it can also show us the amazing possibilities we have in store if we are willing to do the work and finish the lessons it has handed out. Some of Saturn’s lessons are beyond challenging, but it’s usually worth it!

At one point we all have had to endure Saturn’s tough challenges, and found ourselves having to take on some of the most difficult times in one way or another. But these kind of lessons makes you stronger and wiser. And perhaps you learned to do something new or different. Saturn shows you what your job is in this life, and values good old fashioned hard work. No other planet in the zodiac knows how to push us like Saturn does.

Now that Saturn is out of Retrograde, (read more about this in my “Saturn Direct” post last week) after its five months long Retrograde period. Its energy is pushing us out of the past, so we can get focused on the future. Saturn is a heavy hitting planet, so when it moves forward we feel it as the energy is shifting.

Whatever part of your personal Astrology “Birth Chart” Saturn is going through is the area of your life that it’s currently affecting, this energy is like one giant push. This push forward is activating something to manifest in your life, usually for your betterment. But Saturn keeps it real! So before you can see the positive results, you should put your attention on your future plans and goals, just be realistic about what you can achieve.

Between now and Dec 20th, possibilities that are based off more realistic plans can finally start to show up! After September 5th once Mercury is out of its Retrograde cycle, you can take bigger steps towards making your plans into reality.

It’s a good idea to take notes around what Saturn is asking you to do. Some folks have already received signs or messages from the Universe as to where they are supposed to be placing their focus. While some of you were getting pretty strong signs during “Eclipse Season” (July through August of 17) as to what direction you should be headed. With Saturn now direct, you can think about everything you have learned over the last 5 months, and how hard you’ve pushed yourself and just how much stronger you are now as a result of Saturn’s lessons or challenges.

Now you also may have to deal with some situations you don’t feel so comfortable in, while Saturn the “Karmic Teacher” helps you create the changes you need to get to a more positive place, so you might be put into a catalyst situation for the time being. If you choose to resist the changes Saturn is asking of you, it will persist. This planet just doesn’t take “No” for an answer. Often we are scared to make changes for one reason or another. Saturn doesn’t care! Its job is to put you on the right path, where you are supposed to go if you’re ready or not.

When this is all said and done, Saturn’s ultimate goal is to help make our goals a reality while we are here on planet Earth, and hopefully, our dreams come true. You may not like its methods but that’s not the point, as Saturn forces us to be honest with ourselves and with the reality of what’s actually possible, and with what’s not going to happen! Those fantasies aren’t happening right now because things are about to get real!

It’s very important that you are completely honest with yourself now. Knowledge is always power, and Saturn can help assist you in your healing journey on many different levels.
Through this energy we can gain some seriously amazing wisdom directly from the Universe, that helps fulfill our Karma and Destiny!

To learn what area of your life you should be focusing on between now and Dec 20th, concerning Saturn’s changes, order a One Question Reading here and I will send you a detailed report based off your own Personal “Astrology Birth Chart.”



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