“Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call


Friday, August 25th
“Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call

For all the Signs of the Zodiac!!
The Universe is sending out some pretty strong messages right now, and they’re all about taking care of your responsibilities, so get your head out of the clouds and set those goals you have back down to planet Earth now. Because things are about to shift soon with structured Saturn the great cosmic teacher of the Zodiac, finally coming out of Retrograde (backward) today.

Saturn represents our structures, commitments, and responsibilities, and the ability to do life on your own terms!

Saturn has been stuck in Retro since April the 6th, this influence has been strong around what you are committed to and your responsibilities. For some folks, things got almost easier during this time in some ways, because you didn’t get such strong reminders that you had to take care of your business right away, but you knew the time was coming, as I am sure many of you could feel it, and that’s all about to change and a Wake-Up Call is coming folks!

It’s important to be flexible and open-minded through this weekend as you get adjusted to this change or shift. Your focus should be on your responsibilities and limitations. In the coming weeks ahead, your long-term goals and plans will seem more clear. Look for clarity and find ways to simplify your life now, and perhaps get a Reading with me to know more about what part of your life you should be focusing on.

As Saturn slowly gets back on track, it’s really important to be more committed and mature around what it is you believe to be true of yourself and others. This will help you ease into this energy and feel more grounded in reality. Don’t close yourself off from the opportunities that are about to show up, so in other words don’t get stuck in your routines.

Over these last 5 months with Saturn in Retro and in the sign of Sagittarius, you had some time to really think about your limits and where your own personal boundaries should be. This was a chance to see just what part of your life needs to change or where you need to start new commitments. Work now on taking back your personal power and be more realistic about just what areas of your life you are responsible for. It’s time to move forward now, as any progress you start to make will reflect the work you did and thought of during Saturn’s Retro phase, so since April 6th. Which means any spiritual or inner-work you’ve done will now also start to show up in your physical reality!

It may feel like the things you’re trying to do here in this physical reality aren’t moving forward and are stuck, but just take a deep breath as many times as you need to, because very soon things will be changing. Moving forward with your long-term goals will start to be easier as Saturn gets back into its normal cycle again, and you will be more clear about things. Take what you have learned over the last 5 months and take any commitments or goals you’ve made for yourself and bring them to life now!


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