Sun in Virgo


For All the Signs of the Zodiac:
“Happy Birthday” to all my Virgo’s out there!”

It’s the first day of a new Astrological month, as the Sun enters the harvest sign of Virgo this afternoon, where it will remain for the next month, through September 22nd.

This energy affects all of the Signs of the Zodiac, as we all have Virgo, like every other sign, in on our own personal Astrology Birth Charts!

Under the influence of the Sun in Virgo, it’s time to take care of practical concerns. There can be a lot of unnecessary stress from worrying and thinking about any unfinished business we might have so we can become stressed out if we don’t tend to the details of our daily lives. Details are everything under the influence of Virgo!

This is a great time to get organized, and for doing work involving the details, and communicating at our jobs or about our careers. But we also maybe more reserved with our deeper feelings during this time.

However, there can be some issues that throw a monkey wrench in our plans to get organized, and that is mentally active Mercury, one of Virgo’s ruling planets is still in its Retrograde cycle through September 5th. This means the energies slow down even more, unlike when the Sun was in Leo these last few weeks. Which means the Sun and Moon are going to be both in Virgo.

We aren’t as confident or as willing to be flexible. So there can be more misunderstandings and a lot of you might feel like you can’t concentrate or stay as focused. We just have to ride this out for the next week, when Mercury shifts into more confident Leo. The best thing we can do is take our time and continue to really pay attention to what we communicate to others.



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