Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 2017


Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 2017

by Ruby

For all the Signs of the Zodiac:

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius occurs on Monday, August 7th, 2017, around 2:11 PM EDT and 1:11 PM CST
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On Monday afternoon, the Full Moon will come together when the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon is the peak or highest point of the Moon during its month long cycle, it’s an emotional energy and a time for romance, relationships, and fertilization. But it is also exciting feeling but tense in energy for all of us.

“The Full Moon is the time when your emotions come up to the surface for you to deal with them. If you work with them, you can clear yourself out energetically. The easiest way to do this is to make peace with the past during this time!”

This Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius helps us look at just how we are sharing our lives with others in all kinds of different relationships, be it the ones we have with loving partners or with a group of people in any part of our lives. The Full Moon’s energy is wise and truthful, so lies get told during this cycle and truths suddenly come out! It’s during this Lunar cycle that the night time is not even dark enough to hide our fears, hurts, emotional wounds, and flaws. Do yourself a favor and write out some questions to go over during this time, it can be a very eye-opening experience!

Ask yourself the following:
1) Are you happy right now?
2) Are you spending time with people that bring out your better qualities?
3) Do you feel like you sort of are invisible in a group?
4) Do you feel unappreciated and overlooked?
5) Can you disagree safely with the folks you are close too?
6) Are you allowed to show your true self in front of the people you are around or do you feel punished for doing so?

It’s normal to want to feel like we belong in a group or relationship, and it’s hurtful to feel like we don’t. But whatever the case may be it can be helpful from time to time to go it alone, and get some peace and quiet. Take some space to remind yourself who you are as an individual! This gives you the time to do life on your terms in your own way. Taking some time away or alone helps you figure out who you are, so in your relationships, you don’t lose yourself! Eventually, relationships where one person gives themselves totally away break apart in one way or another. This Eclipse wants you to balance out being who you are while being in your relationships.

This Full Moon is a partial Lunar Eclipse, and this is a very potent strong energy that mainly affects our relationships. And that means all types of relationships, not just the ones between two people. This influence can suddenly trigger us into thinking about our relationships and how we belong. So perhaps the relationships you have with your co-workers, or the relationship you have with your health and bodies, and so forth. It is a time when a matter comes to light, so all that is hidden, suppressed, secret, or unknown can suddenly come out to the surface. As we become aware our emotions can rise up and we can get very emotional like under any Full Moon, but this is an Eclipse which is a Full Moon but 10x stronger.

Eclipses cause an inner conflict around what we feel is lacking in our lives, so where are you in your life going without or what are you going without is the question, and especially in your relationships with a partner or in groups. You suddenly and without little warning may realize what it is you want or need under this influence. Our deepest desires seem to build up and this causes a conflict, so lots of folks are either cutting off people or are breaking up in relationships right now! But this means we also can become strongly aware of a need to keep someone in our life as well.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipses are about the relationships we have with others because it is the polarity between the Sun and the Moon and that influence we are feeling within ourselves, as the Sun represents Self and the Moon represents our Emotional Self and the Unconscious. This connection prompts us to take a look more closely at our own needs, desires, lacks, and what we want in our lives.
The Sun is in Leo (personal) currently and the Moon is in Aquarius (impersonal), during this Eclipse, so let’s break that down.

Leo energy is how we creatively express ourselves, and how we boost our ego enough to receive pleasure and experience romance. Aquarius energy is about the group so more impersonal friendships. This Full Moon helps us learn how to create the balance between these polar opposite signs within ourselves. So between experiencing romance and friendship, and being able to freely express ourselves both personally and impersonally. Leo energy for all of us no matter what your Sign maybe is about being part of a team but keeping our individualism and Aquarius energy is about taking care of the group.

The Sun in Leo is proud and intense and isn’t content with simply being just one of the group, it has to be able to be an individual separate of it and likes to lead it usually. The Moon in Aquarius energy is about how we can still be part of a team or group, but also remain an individual.

If this is confusing for you, please just focus on Leo Energy and Aquarius Energy and the traits of each sign and how you can be more like both signs in some way, and then think about how you balance that out. This Full Moon brings out the conflict between the two energies so we may have some kind of moment of awareness where we suddenly realize what it is we are lacking in our relationships and what it is we really need or want! This Eclipse is an opportunity to explore your own emotional needs, which many of you have already been doing! Relationships are being tested and challenged now, and have been breaking up all over the place, while others are being strengthened dramatically. This path of self-discovery is highly emotionally charged and dramatic. AHA moments are strong during this time as we become quite aware of what is lacking in our life.

You can discover just what this Lunar Eclipse is trying to show you by learning where in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” the Eclipse is traveling through, and what area of your life this energy is affecting. If you want to know more get with me about purchasing a “Mini Eclipse” Report, and I will do the research for you and show you just what part of your life you want to be focusing on during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, because remember this energy can affect us for up to six months after it occurs.

Just a friendly reminder that when a Full Moon comes together people can feel suddenly overwhelmed with emotions because there is such a strong sense of awareness that can overcome them. So they might burst out loud just how they are feeling because this energy pushes out those emotions and sometimes we just have to express ourselves! Any Aha moments that take place haven’t been thought out yet or even had a chance to be rationalized, so it’s just a raw energy that takes hold that can make people feel off, emotional, and irrational.

A Lunar Eclipse is a more strong and potent Full Moon and therefore its effects tend to last longer. Many Astrologers believe that this energy will last up to six months after it has come together!

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What part of my life is the Lunar Eclipse affecting?
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Have an exciting Blessed Full Moon


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“A Lunar Eclipse is a more strong and potent Full Moon and therefore its effects tend to last longer. Many Astrologers believe that this energy will last up to six months after it has come together!”
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