For all the Signs of the Zodiac:
Venus enters the sign of Cancer today and stays there from July 31st through August 26th.
Venus has been in thinking mode for awhile now as it’s been in Gemini over the last several weeks, so now instead of thinking about love and money, we will be feeling LOVE and MONEY issues, which can be a great time to connect to your heart and manifest what you dream of!

Venus in Cancer helps all of us learn how to treat lovers and those we care for with sympathy and tenderness, and how to provide emotional nurturing that our loved ones need.

This is a time when we tend to take the path of least resistance and play it safe when it comes to our relationships, as love and commitment are very important for now, it brings a sense of contentment and security. In this energy, we’re seeking out a deep love where our souls come to together, and our individuality intertwines fully with our partners. For some, this sounds beautiful, but for others, it can feel smothering. So under this Cancer energy, we are looking for devotion and loyalty from our lovers and partners.

But love is an interesting thing for the Moonchild of the Zodiac, we all must be careful about becoming too possessive, manipulative, or suffocating with those we love or are attracted too! Some folks can go too far and become down right stalker like, so check yourself for being to lunatic like, as Cancer is in Venus now but is ruled by the MOON!

It’s important to be around what’s familiar because there’s a fear of being rejected, so we share our hearts cautiously as a result. Our focus and attention are more so on what our lovers are feeling than what they’re saying. We can act detached if our lover acts strange, impersonal, or too independent! We want our relationships to be solid and safe, it’s much more appealing.

If someone breaks our heart or if we feel emotionally hurt in some way, it can be extremely hard to let go of and move away from. In Cancer, Venus can be more nurturing, protective, cautious and fertile. But we can experience the mood swings while Venus is in Cancer because we are being led by our emotions so much.

We can have some serious tantrums with emotional highs and lows because we are so sensitive and impressionable, as we are strongly in touch with our inner-child. But this also can help us be more dedicated, warm, and devoted in love. You might feel more tender, romantic, and attached now to the object of your affection, and also to your finances. Our love is shown through are dedication, devotion, care, and concern. We are also more affectionate and hands on, especially if we feel safe and secure.

Venus rules over money as well as love, so under the Cancer energy we are being taught how to put money away and save for a rainy day unless we get overly emotional, then we could blow money in a big bad way! So watch yourself! I also see a whole lot of folks over eat with Venus in the sign of the Crab, especially sweets, and that is because if we don’t feel loved or emotionally needed in some way we can end up turning towards food to cure our pain.



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Let Ruby tell you all about Venus in Cancer.
Also, GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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