Sun in Leo

July 22nd, Saturday

Sun in LEO”

This is for all the Signs of the Zodiac:

“Happy Birthday Leo”

The Sun is shifting once again and today it moves from protective Cancer, into fun-loving, proud, and dramatic Leo where it will stay until August 22nd. 

The Sun in Leo teaches all of us no what matter your Zodiac Sun Sign to follow your heart. We can feel more expressive and heartfelt during this time. Especially, with Mercury and Mars also both in the sign of Leo. This means our core-self or ego, mind, and physical body are all being lead by our HEARTS! This is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual heart. Try to find what truly makes you happy in this world while the Sun is in Leo, you might learn something new about yourself. 

Gratitude is one of the best ways to obtain happiness, and under this Leo energy it’s easier to think about what we are grateful for because we are more so in touch with our hearts. Start throwing out some compliments to others, and rack up some good Karma while making folks feel good about themselves, it’s a win-win situation. 

Follow your inner-child and go play from time to time during this cycle, as Leo energy supports more childlike behavior! Just enjoying yourself can help you feel better in many different ways. And speaking of enjoying youself, our focus is on pleaseure now, so our Sex Drive can be extremely strong, especially with all the Leo energy we’re under. Food is also more important during this time, we want big hearty fattening meals, ones we can survive on for days if need be. 

Warning Drama Queens Ahead:

One thing about Leo energy is we can act more dramatic as this is our time to shine, so a little drama can make you feel alive! There’s a strong desire for more attention during this cycle, and for good reasons as we’re looking to be noticed for our own special talents and unique gifts. Leo energy teaches all of us how to feel more confident, strong, bold and independent, so we will go after what we want. And we are strongly passionate about “What We Want” during the Sun in Leo! 

Also, Leo energy is known for being loud and proud, which is true when it comes to what we are thinking, but we can clam up and get quite reserved about how we are feeling! It’s all to easy to skip over important details and facts now, because it distracts us from getting our business or work done, so we can reward ourselves by having some fun! What level of fun you actually go and have is entirely up to you.

Leo in the Zodiac is represented by the Lion, and just like the big cats in the wild we’re more interested in working and resting, so you might need more naps now, and it’s important to feel comfortable. And we tend to run and play with a pack, that is made up of folks we trust and love. We can be more drawn to those who value loyalty and integrity, and who are real and authentic with us, but we are just as equally turned off by those who are fake or cruel. 

The shadow side of the Sun in Leo energy is we can be self-centered and vain, so we want to express ourselves and possibly end up boosting or bragging about our accomplishments. The problem is we tend to talk loudly and can be overly aggressive, and gossip about those we actually truly care for. So be mindful about what you saying and sharing with people, as you can give out way to much of your personal business, which is always risky.

If you know a little bit about Astrology, and you were born with your Sun Sign or Rising Sign in Leo, than your vitality and physical body will be stronger than usual during this cycle. 



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