Rubys Astro Readings
Thurs. July 20

Mars is known for being the planet that helps motivate us, its influence gives us drive and physical stamina. It also rules over our passion and aggression and is often called the “God of War.” Mars is switching from more emotionally sensitive Cancer into more outwardly strong Leo starting July 20th and stays there through September 5th.

While Mars is in Leo, we tend to get a boost of confidence and can feel more proud and strong. Our goals are important as we become more spirited to go after what we want. Even though contrary to popular belief Leo energy isn’t always loud and aggressive, especially when it comes to communicating about how we are feeling. But Leo energy is aggressive when provoked or angry, and Mar rules over our tempers, so our nerves are more easily rattled at this time. Learn how to breathe and walk away if you feel your “Inner Roar” about to come out. But we can be quite demanding and snappy if we are messed with or feel agitated.

Under this Leo energy all of us no matter whatever Zodiac sign maybe tend to feel more direct and self-assured, and we also do desire a little more drama or attention. When going after our goals we tend to not focus so much on the details because we just want to get things done. Convenience is very important during this time, and more so than usual while going after what we want.

Leo energy is always ruled by the heart so people will passionately go after and fight for what they want in their heart. And this energy can make our sex drive extremely strong. So have fun! And exercise can be extremely important during this time, it helps tame the fiery nature this energy seems to bring out in all of us.



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Let Ruby guide the way – check out her breakdown of what’s going on and how we can use it to our advantage (or at least not suffer too much for it. 😉 )


My mars and venus are both in Leo! Very accurate article 🙂 I used to be confused as to why I had such a confidence boost for no reason. Great blog!


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