Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer- Therefore “I FEEL” – So get over it!
By Ruby

Let’s think back two years ago because there was something important happening! From June through August of 2015 there was some sort of destiny or path you headed down, and important work that you’ve started doing while on this path if you knew it or not! Now there’s a whole new path we are being asked to head down, that relates back to where we were two years ago. Over the next several weeks you will get the chance to see if the work you did back then was successful or not.

Mars lends a helping hand!
Mars the planet of motivation is here to help you with your Karmic path. It’s time to follow a new path, as Mars gives you the energy and drive to see your projects through to completion. And the Universe will let you know what you should be doing, follow your intuition and listen to your gut, and those feelings you are having to take you on a new path now!

This is the right time to get something important going or done, we are doing things in a big way with this new energy, and most Astrologers agree that this is the perfect time to do it! So you can head down that new path through July 20th and see where it leads you, as you have the Universe watching over to help you out, this is an opportunity to make something magical happen.

The energy of Cancer in the Zodiac is all about home and family life first and foremost! So if you are in the market to buy any kind of real estate that includes family, this is a great time to get out there and make it happen, if you are thinking of buying, selling, or just remodeling over the next six weeks, this is the green light to go for it! As this energy can seriously help you out, as long as you have your stuff ready and are prepared of course. Lots of folks will find themselves enjoying some sort of family outing through June and July so most of your activities will include family or very close friends who are like family. Under the Cancer influence, we all just might find little and big ways to reconnect with our families.

Over the next month and a half will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy your family and look at your history together, and reflect some as Mars in Cancer totally supports it. So get ready for Weddings, Parties, Reunions, and Events involving your next of kin.
Mars does have a message for each of us, as it shifts into this most sensitive but very tough sign of Cancer! Whatever part of your personal Astrology Birth Chart Mars is traveling through over the next 6 weeks is the part of your life that will be stirred up so you will promote change in some way. If you know what area of your life Mars is affecting then you can focus your attention there and hopefully enjoy some positive results. For example, if Mars is traveling through your house of work, you will probably get very busy and could end up with a job offer, or just more responsibility. Or if you have been out of work and looking for a new job, you might suddenly get a good interview and at the very least make some very good contacts that eventually will lead you to a job. And if Mars is going through the part of your chart that rules over relationships, you could end up meeting someone special or a soulmate of some kind, and spend some serious time together. Some folks will even end up falling in love and getting engaged while Mars is in Cancer, as this energy helps us fall in love very fast and move very quickly towards whatever is going to build a home life for us, which usually includes a long-term commitment of some kind and often sometimes children, as Cancer is the “mother” of the Zodiac!

Let’s not forget that Mars is also called the “GOD OF WAR” for a reason, so under the Cancer energy all of us, (no matter our Zodiac Sun Sign) could experience some seriously heated discussions that get heavy and arguments can suddenly erupt that are highly emotional. Especially, if you are already in a tense situation with someone or have been holding back how you are feeling, Mars is an activator! Ask anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Mars in Cancer at the time of their birth just how they get when they’re mad? Often what I hear is that when Cancer folks get upset they will try everything not to get mad, so they will leave situations and ignore direct confrontation, but this isn’t due to a lack of courage or because they are cowards, oh not at all! It’s because when they get mad, it is truly unlike any other sign in the Zodiac, they let all those repressed emotions come out when they’re angry and they often don’t feel in control of themselves or know what even happened after they are calmed back down. Since this sign and its energy is technically ruled by the Moon, the darker side of that energy shows its face when angry! Which is completely raw, illogical, and emotional. So with the planet that rules over our anger and aggression, Mars, in the sign of Cancer over the next 6 weeks we should be mindful of these facts and make sure to keep our anger under control.

But also note that both harmonious and challenging aspects come up every single day for all of us in our own Astrology Birth Charts, but we must wait for Mars to come to us for something really big to begin. Mars energy is potent all on its own, it is the booster, the motivator, and the drive that leads us to create and initiate change in our lives. And just a fun side note, if you get really upset you might notice once you have come back down a bit that you are very hungry! This can lead to folks eating up their emotions, especially with sugar.

If you are curious as to where you should be focusing your energies over the next 6 weeks when Mars moves into Cancer, go ahead and purchase an ONE QUESTION READING from me. You can message me on Facebook or email me at to get more details.

Have an enjoyable and safe ride while Mars travels through the sign of Cancer.


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