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Thurs, June 1st

Our love lives and financial affairs might really get a boost this week, and we all can benefit in one way or another! 
Venus is the sign of fiery Aries right now but is in a much better place this week, which reflects in our relationships (since Venus, after all, does rule over our relationships.) She’s also in a very nice connection with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius, and beings to form a connection with erratic but Awakening Uranus that peaks on Saturday, but we will feel this energy starting now as it slowly comes together. 
The interesting thing is Saturn and Uranus are still hanging out in a very nice connection of their very own, so Venus will benefit from the steadiness of Saturn and boldness that Uranus bring out in each of us! 
FYI – When Venus and Uranus meet up or conjunct each other in Astrology often folks experience a “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: kind of encounter, this influence helps us resolve any issues that have been left from the VENUS IN RETROGRADE cycle that it just completed and since all of this energy is right along with VENUS, love affairs, and financial endeavors can start to go very well indeed! 
But back to the Venus and Saturn connection coming together now. This can help us to approach love, relationships, money, and pleasure-seeking in a more mature, responsible, and grounded kind of way. This is an excellent time to really sort out how you are feeling especially if those feelings are about love, relationships, business partnerships, or money. This is a great time to stabilize your relationships with your partners and to show them affection and practical support, service, and your loyalty. This influence is all about how we value being consistent and reliable, despite how we might be feeling on the inside. Our business sense is on the mark, but we still will not enter anything that seems too risky due to Saturn being involved. 
So manifest any creative ideas you may have, be bold and courageous and start a new project perhaps! There will be success in our finances and relationships during this time. Don’t go looking for chaos, for those of you who don’t like things too quiet, you can unconsciously draw trouble to you in this energy. This is definitely not a good time for drama, so just stay calm and go with the flow, but at least get out and mingle and see what happens. And remember if you don’t take an actual action you won’t manifest what it is you really want, just by sitting and thinking or dreaming about it.



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