Sun in Gemini

Ruby’s Astro Readings

May 20th, 2017
Sun in Gemini

The Sun has now shifted into empathic, mentally strong Gemini where it stays through June 21st.  We are more social, intellectual and just all around curious under this influence. The energies for all of us are very scattered as a result of this curiosity and awareness as we see all our options, and doors suddenly can open and close. We are definitely more chatty and like to communicate more, but we also can be unreliable and unfocused. Emotionally speaking our moods can swiftly change up and down, and even though we may feel more easy-going and active, we’re still more prone to feeling nervous and excitable.

We are highly stimulated and need to talk so we tend to reach out to others and share ideas more during this time. Our thoughts may be quite scattered today. Jumping from one thing to the next involving anything that has to do with communication, like through emails, texts, and phone calls. It’s a great time to channel this energy into a productive activity, catch up with some correspondence or paperwork. This is a good time to multi-task, so it’s ok to do more than one activity at a time. But don’t overdo it, you can’t get it all done at once no matter how hard you try! Trust me! Focus on one thing at a time and you won’t feel so distracted. This is a good time to stay active and busy in.

While the Moon in Gemini we can feel nervous or more restless, so it’s best to keep yourself busy gathering and processing information. Read, write, research, and take care of business or run errands. Make only short-term deals and no long-lasting commitments, because we are supposed to be just collecting information for later.

It’s important to take breaks and get physically active during this time, this will help your mind relax. Be social and look for different and interesting people to mingle with. Your conversations may be quite informative during this cycle of the Sun.


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