“Destiny Leads to Your Heart”


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May 10th, 2017
“Destiny Leads to Your Heart”

The Karmic North and South Nodes of fate shift today, and destiny takes a hand, as we are led down a different path. Do you know where you are headed?

If you don’t study Astrology or understand what this means, don’t worry keep reading, I will explain it because this affects all of us, no matter what Sun Sign you are in the Zodiac.

There’s exciting new energy on the horizon as destiny comes calling on Wednesday, and the Lunar NORTH NODE shifts into Leo for the first time in 18 years, and the world moves into alignment with this Leo energy! Which leads us right to our HEARTS!

The NODES have been in Virgo and Pisces for the last 18 months, and haven’t been in Leo and Aquarius for the last 18 years, so what did you do back in 1998 till 2000? How did your life change? This might interest you because looking back can give us a sneak peek into what journey we are about to embark on, and will move forward towards.

It’s been a rough year so far, it’s been scattered and all over the place! It’s been very frustrating, to say the least! Most of us have felt held back in some way by all the RETROGRADE plants, well finally some things are about to change with Venus and Mercury headed back to normal now and the Lunar Nodes shifting signs.

We do have to deal with some pretty intense emotional energy coming in with the FULL MOON in Scorpio on Wednesday, which means we’ll be processing who we are on a very deep soul level, which always brings up strong emotions, as the energies are now going to be working to help us manifest what we have committed to in our hearts.

Full Moon’s are a huge shift and this one is quite intense so we can feel exposed in some way and vulnerable. But this energy is about setting and reinforcing boundaries. Remember what we feel under a Scorpio Full Moon will manifest, as secrets, mysteries, and truths come out into the open to be dealt with.

Most of you have been working on building something new in your life and updating a part of who you are in some way. So the newer improved update is ready to come out now, the new version 10.0 of you! I know that many of you have felt stuck in one part of your life and haven’t been able to figure out just how to move forward, and at times you’ve felt like you were just hitting a brick wall, but all that hard work and determination is about to pay off! I have already started to see some folks wiggle out of their stuckness and move forward, so it’s already beginning. And with the Nodes changing signs now, we are finally going to be put on a better path that is aligned with our destiny in some way, if we can stay focused and positive about it all.

Many of you will finally begin to see the things you’ve been trying to manifest for a while now come in, so something real and tangible that you had your heart set will come together. With the North Node moving into the highest Degree of Leo, we’re being guided by the Universe to follow our hearts, so go where love takes you, feel love, be love, and operate everything you do from a space of Love! This energy is fertile, so birthing a new life in some way, a new part of who you are. Let yourself shine!

There is also a strong long-term connection between Saturn and Uranus coming back together this month, this helps the Node in Leo energy even more so, because it helps us figure out where we belong, especially in our careers and around life path matters. This connection tends to restore our faith and helps us to believe in something again, as it can help bring in both stability and progress. So our faith can be strong when this comes together, which gives us clarity about who we are striving to become.

Most importantly, we should remember that with the NORTH NODE in Leo, we are wise to be true to our hearts. There is no faking it under this sign or this energy, for any of us! The energy of Leo teaches all of us to be in our heart and to love from an authentic place. For the next 18 months, it will be very important to work on loving yourself and to make sure you are being real and not pretending in your friendships, partnerships, or loving relationships! Because the ones that aren’t built on actual love will be torn down in some way, so you can be put on a new path that is better aligned with your true destiny! Follow your heart and let it take you towards what makes you happy and is for your highest good.



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“If you don’t study Astrology or understand what this means, don’t worry keep reading, I will explain it because this affects all of us, no matter what Sun Sign you are in the Zodiac.” Ruby knows – pay attention!


Beautifully written and great information! Thank you!


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