May and the Retrogrades!

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May and the Retrogrades!

Can Retrograde planets be helpful?
Retrograde planets have been all the buzz over the last few months, due to so many planets being in their Retrograde cycles at once.
While the planets are in Retrograde, the energies for all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac become rather disruptive, challenging, and frustrating. But these tests and challenges happen for a reason, as they do serve a purpose.
Do you feel like you’re reliving your past, or like your connecting to a past life experience, or maybe like your having Deja Vu’? 
Well it’s very normal with Four Planets currently in Retrograde, and they are as follows; Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and then Venus who is just coming out of her Retro cycle. So it’s been an interesting ride, full of intense energies for all of you.
Don’t know what Retrograde means?

Well simply put it means a planet appears to be moving backward for a certain amount of time. And these cycles can be quite powerful, but this isn’t a rare event in itself, as all the planets go into Retrograde cycles at one point every year. What is rare about these cycles right now, is that so many planets are in Retro. at the same time!
Retrograde cycles give us a chance to re-do, re-work, re-view, research and change something.
During any given Retro cycle we have to deal with unexpected changes that can be quite disruptive! But this chaotic time also produces positive results. It’s an opportunity to fix or re-do something in our lives, as you get to create your own path now, by simply choosing something different!
In May, there are “Four Planets in Retrograde,” this helps us to create a new path, and a new way that brings us closer to our soul journey.
For example, in the past you had a relationship end badly, but you didn’t handle it very well. Now you’re in a different relationship and find yourself in the same position, a argument starts   up just like it did before. This is your opportunity to change it! Discovering the patterns you followed in the past helps you reconsider how you handled it back then, and how you get to change the way you go about it now. And you just might be able to create a happy outcome this time around.
Three of the planets that are currently in Retrograde right now are called “Outer Planets” in Astrology, these planets show us what we need in our lives, and usually this is something that we don’t have. So while they’re in Retrograde, they work very hard with your own personal energy fields and can push you towards what it is you actually need! But it certainly doesn’t always feel that way! This can be tough stuff for many of you.
But if it’s any consolation, you’re being put through this process to transform some part of your life and yourself. These much-needed changes happen, so we are put on the right path that matches up with our Soul Journey, or some might even call it our destiny!
Here’s how each one is affecting us for the higher good!
Saturn is in Sagittarius until August 26th, this is the planet of Karma and it helps us by creating order and structure in our lives. Often it brings in career changes for the better, and even sometimes the right mate for a long-term relationship. 
Now through the end of August, Saturn may help you meet up with fated friends and lovers, so be on the lookout for those important people to enter your life. It also helps bring in golden career opportunities, if you are working with its energies and following the rules as it demands you too! Even though Saturn puts up restrictions and roadblocks, it will reward you well for your hard work and a job well done!
Jupiter is currently in Libra and is the planet of luck, higher spirituality, and beliefs, it is in Retrograde until June 9th.
Psychological Pluto is in Capricorn, and also Retro through September 29th. 
While these two planets move backward, they also sort of send us the things we actually need in our life, but this may not be what you want, it is what you Need, however! Often the gifts are sent out quite randomly and seem to almost just drop out of the sky!
The May Retrogrades are like a big second chance to draw your Destiny to you and help put you on the right path towards your Soul Journey in this life.
During this time the Retro planets will help you see and recognize what’s working for you in your life and what’s not working! And they do so by putting up obstacles and frustrations around what you should be releasing and letting go of.
Many of you have either lost a job or broke off from a relationship over the past few months, but this isn’t to punish you by any means, it’s actually the way the Universe works, by helping you leave something that is no longer serving you, and has become toxic in some way. You probably wouldn’t have left the situation if not for the push from the Universe to create a situation where you had no choice. So if you happen to be one of these folks, get excited and ask the Universe for what it is you truly want next, even if it’s months or years down the road, because once the planets move forward again anything is possible.
Big and powerful changes often happen during a planets Retrograde cycles.
The three outer planets are making a harmonious connection to the Sun in Taurus, that runs all the way through late May!

Totally random unexpected surprises are headed our way, and perhaps the changes that are coming have been in the works for quite some time now. So remember there is no such thing as a coincidence during the month of May or anytime really, everything happens for a reason if we understand it or not.
To learn just how the Retrogrades are affecting you and what part of your life you should be focusing on during this time, why not Purchase a “Retrograde Mini-Report” and ask me, “How are the Retrogrades affecting me? I will do the research needed to show you just where you can make things better in your life, and what will help you not feel so frustrated, so hopefully, you can make some very necessary changes in your life.


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