“Mars Enters Gemini” – Staying Focused


Rubys Astro Readings
Friday, April 21
“Mars Enters Gemini”

Don’t get too distracted over the next 6 weeks!!! It’s going to be more difficult to focus now, but it is a great time to plan like crazy!

For all the Signs of the Zodiac:
Mars the planet that influences how we move physically, and helps us to feel motivated and passionate, is shifting gears today from fiery go get ’em Aries and into much more breezy and flexible Gemini, where it will stay until June 4th.

While Mars is in Gemini we are much more versatile, but also less determined and focused, and this is going to be the hardest part, we must learn how to stay focused more so under this energy. We are interested in many different things, to the point of going off to do or work on projects in a scattered manner that can be totally ineffective. However, we also may get excited about our amazing ideas and projects during this cycle.

This is a good time to focus on learning, communicating (be-careful with Mercury still in Retro, communication can still be very confusing throughout May) and exchanging ideas. This is a time with lots of MENTAL ENERGY and initiative, and with some degree of conflict as well.

But a new phase is starting for us now so we can feel pulled to different experiences to sort of stand out and do something important. People may feel like they have something important to say, and we realize that other folks have information that is also just as important for us to reach our goals at this time!


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