Sun enters Taurus

Wed 19th
“Sun enters Taurus”


For all the Zodiac Signs;
Happy birthday, Taurus!
The Sun’s energy has shifted now from more adventurous Aries into practical, grounded, and stable Taurus. This is a major slowdown in energy with mental Mercury also in Taurus. Mercury influences our thinking and overall mindset. It’s important to be patient during this cycle.
~Did you know we all have each Sign of the Zodiac within us, that we are all connected, so each of the 12 Zodiac Signs falls in our own personal Astrology Birth Chart and this influences who we are.~
The Sun in Taurus lasts through May 20th, and this gives us determination and patience both. So our main goal is to establish some sort of stability and security during this time.
But it is also a very sensual time as Taurus is ruled by saucy, feminine Venus. We are most active when we are defending ourselves or resisting things during this cycle. While the Sun moves through Taurus the things we are manifesting or plant take root and our need for security is very strong!
Our focus is more on our family now, as we are loyal to our loved ones and friends, and we value those that have remained tried and true. The shadow side of this energy is we can be more possessive and bullheaded, so it’s important to fight the urge to be stubborn.

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