Full Pink Moon 2017 

April’s Full Pink Moon – 2017

This month the Full Moon is called a “Pink Moon” come together on April the 11th late at night, or early in the morning and it’s quite potent as it delivers some serious cosmic energy onto Earth, and many of you are already feeling it, (coupled with the wild Retrograde energies.)

This Full Moon actually connects to what was happening in our lives during the final days of February 2017. So think back to what was happening back then, this gives you an idea of what this Full Moon has in store for you. Whatever you were involved in over a month ago might be resurfacing in some way, or something is developing related to those events, but also new information around back then could come forth. Full Moons bring out the truth, as secrets and things we have repressed are revealed.

So if you had something important happen that didn’t get finished or played out, now it can and this can be something positive. With Venus the Goddess of love and mental Mercury both in Retrograde, a lot of old flames yet again or going to suddenly pop up and many couples are already trying to get back together.

Do know that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be together, and even though usually I tell folks to steer clear from starting anything brand-new during Mercury in Retrograde, it seems everyone is trying to lol, so it doesn’t hurt to at least see in a very cautious way how it goes, but take your time and move very slowly!
Despite the fact this is not a New Moon there seems to be a lot of New Beginnings underway indeed, so whatever bears fruit during this April Full Moon can be considered a major turning point in your life.

The Full Pink Moon doesn’t come without challenges, however. I mean let’s just face it, folks, last week was rough! The outpouring of people coming to me on all different kinds of platforms just shows you how folks have been struggling with these intense energies! And as much as we wish the tense energies were over there’s still some more challenging energies to deal with between Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus. So to get through this next week means you need to be patient and learn how to compromise.

There’s also another T-square coming together during the Full Moon. So that means there’s going to be situations that present challenges that can push you into going out and doing something about them and this can be something big. So even though you feel like reacting over the next few days, it’s best to step back and breathe, and zen out!

Full Moons always cause emotional upheavals, but this one is especially strong due to all the other influences coming together right along with it, so it’s not in your best interest to react but to wait until the energies have relaxed in a few days.

But expect all sort of folks to take actions, make major decisions, and create big changes. So those people who have some authority like your boss, and also co-workers, but also those we are close to like lovers, children, family members, and enemies.

Relationships are on the chopping block right now, so many things are being revealed in our relationships and partnerships, things that have been hidden or kept secret. We’re already hearing from old loves, spouses, and partners. So there will be more during this time. And if a partner is hiding something it just might be revealed now, and if you are the one hiding something, be careful if you don’t want to get found out. It’s not a good time to think you can be sneaky and stalk folks even on social media because you just might get found out!

There was a strong new energy that began when the New Year aligned with the New Moon energy. So 2017 is all about new beginnings and starting something new while standing for what you believe in and doing the things you want to do! Look around it is literally everywhere now, as this is the most common theme I am seeing with my clients thus far in 2017, and that is new beginnings!

Now with this Full Moon energy illuminating the sky and the light within us, we are pushing to take action and do what we feel is right for us. This energy runs through the 12th. So ask yourself what you can begin or start to help you get through this Full Moon energy.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get through this Full Moon:

Be patient and don’t overreact because your emotions are going to be felt on a much deeper level during this time. So how about connecting to your higher-self and take some deep breaths so you can watch, listen, and pay attention to the signs the Universe gives you. See the challenges that come your way as opportunities to learn something and grow on a deep soul level, and help balance out your karma.
Make sure and go back over things and check for mistakes or errors. With Mercury in Retrograde also underway now frustrations can run very high, but see this as a second chance to learn something new as the information comes forth. And double check your facts before you react or make any decisions, as with Mercury Retrograde we tend to miss the details as information sometimes just isn’t there at first until you go back and look again. And NO don’t look for the logical explanations when Mercury is in Retrograde, often there is no logic so you just have to move forward instead of looking for blame or the mistakes others have made.

Two powerful energies are coming in that can actually help you, so take the time to tap into this strong energy. During this Full Moon the planets Mars and Pluto will be hanging out in a very cool kind of way, and you’ll feel a surge of powerfully driven energy that can be very useful to help you create something new, this influence gives us new ideas and can put us on a more favorable path, use this energy to complete things. 


 Full Moons help shed light on what it is you should be doing in a specific area of your life, if you want to know just how this Full Moon energy affects you, then purchase a ONE QUESTION Moon Report from me, and ask me, “How will the April’s Pink Full Moon affect me?” I will do the research with your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart” and send you an email with all the info you’ll need to work with this energy!

This the Full Moon is a great time to do some spiritual work around “Letting Go”, learn through my reports just what you should be releasing!



Didn’t u show one of full pink moon pic. Really want to see.


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