Mercury in Retrograde – “Do’s and Dont’s”

Mercury Retrograde

“Do’s and Don’ts”

By Ruby 

April 9th – May 3rd
Although not quite as popular as Sun sign astrology, “Mercury Retrograde” has certainly become a buzzword – or buzz phrase – these days.

Sometimes the Universe gives us a break even though it doesn’t always feel that way. One thing the cosmos always does is create balance. So the energies get slowed down a bit so we can have the opportunity to catch up. Mercury in Retrograde is that time out, it’s the chance to get caught up with life, it’s time to get unplugged, and take a long deep breath. It’s a good time to take time off from work if at all possible and focus on reworking anything that needs it. Mercury rules the lower mind and energies, so when it’s Retrograde we start to perceive things in a very different way, and this can cause serious confusion. 
Mercury in Retrograde, like all Retrograde planets is happening for a reason, this isn’t some new astrological fad. Planets have always went into Retrograde and will continue too. So every once in a while we get a chance to pause or stop, and get some rest. This is the time to review your life and the path you’re on. What this Mercury in Retrogrades cycle does is help us to breathe, be still, relax, and review. The main thing to know as this energy is coming in, it’s time to review your life and redo anything that needs to be done. It is time to re-search, re-think, re-visit, re-connect, and to get re-organized.

What Not To Do during 1Mercury in Retrograde:

  • Don’t start brand new projects
  • Do not get into arguments, avoid critical folks and tense people or situations.
  • Do Not Sign Contracts or New Agreements
  • Avoid Travel
  • Do Not take misunderstandings personal. Our communication is foggy and clouded.

What To do during Mercury in Retrograde:

  • Redo, Rework, Review, Research, so basically go over things again and wrap up old business and projects.
  • Double Check the Facts and all the info you come by.
  • Revisit what you need to, like your work.
  • Reconnect to the folks that matter if you’ve had issues or not.
  • Backup Computers and any data you want to keep saved, usually start this process two weeks prior to the actual Retro Cycle.
  • Reorganize your daily life routines.
  • Declutter.
  • Reflect and practice spiritual work.
  • Release what’s been holding you back or blocking you, let go of what no longer is working.

There can be positive results that come from a Mercury in Retrograde cycle that you just didn’t think about before. Mercury is currently in Taurus and which means our thought processes our way slowed down. So our focus should be on clearing and cleansing what we have while learning how to love ourselves. Focus on any past opportunities that weren’t taken on and reconsider if they’re still an option.
This Mercury in Retrograde cycle can also help you think back to a part of your recent past and help you reconnect to a old dream or goal, to follow through on now. Someone from your past might get a hold of you for a second chance or opportunity, but that doesn’t mean it’s meant to be, usually it doesn’t work out for the long-run. 

Because we are perceiving things in a different way as the truth tends to come out, and you just might notice or find some kind of detail you overlooked or didn’t catch before. This cycle can bring clarity and help you move the restrictions or blocks that are in your way to achieve happiness, if we can just ingore the misunderstandings and glitches that come along with this energy! 




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