Retrograde Brigade

Rubys Astro Reading
Thurs 6th

“Retrograde Brigade”

Feeling sad, dragged down, exhausted, or depressed lately?
Well, it’s probably due to all the Planets headed into Retrograde currently!

Somber Saturn is about to join Venus and Jupiter, and soon enough MERCURY who is going Retrograde, and will continue to travel through what appears to backward motion until August 25th.

Saturn’s station can sort of cast a fog over us and we may be feeling quite heavy, sad, depressed, and somber over this next week, as we learn how to adapt to its energies. Mistakes and errors are going to be made, but just until we get used to these shifts,

especially with mental Mercury ruling over our thought processes and also going Retrograde on the 9th! Talk about being slowed down on more than one level.

We may become obsessed with reviewing our life and tend to question our commitments and responsibilities under Saturn in Retrograde, instead of just dealing with these things right away. And with Mercury not only being in Retrograde but also in slowed down Taurus, this really slows our thinking way down even more, hence this is part of the dragged down energy you’re feeling along with Saturn’s heaviness. For the next month or so we may end up taking much more time to get simple tasks done or organized, it can seem like we may never reach the end of whatever it is we have to do, and waiting on others is already proven to be extremely agonizing in this Retrograde energy.

This line up of planets that are joining together in the “Retrograde Brigade” is giving us the chance to learn the art of patience right off the bat!

Many of you have already changed some of your life priorities over these last few months, and you may have chosen to let go of old projects and start something new, and by doing so you may have become more clear about what you don’t want to be responsible for anymore. Now it’s time to face the music folks, and review some of the decisions you made to just make sure your goals are still in alignment with your beliefs and values over the next 5 months.

With all this Retrograde energy coming in now, we can have unusual feelings of guilt, shame, and self-doubt wash over us, as we more internalize our fears and shortcomings, but this also is an opportunity to sit back and review our lives and our goals, so we know which paths we are already on, and where we should be heading. We have a chance to reassess our commitments and what it is we really should be doing to meet success. Take your time with this important cycle that lasts all the way through August 25.

Later this evening, the Moon will meet up with Saturn in a nice trine, and this will help us to be more resourceful and keep our wits about us, as we are able to see what responsibilities we should be tending to. Common sense takes hold and we are more cautious and responsible under this influence. If other folks are freaking out about something we can keep calm and glide through adversity! We also can be more orderly, disciplined, and grounded, but we may not understand those who don’t have their shit together! Ha! So we can appear cold or cut off to those folks.



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Love this write up and explanation… thanks so much… 🙂 happy Retrograde(s)…


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heads up folks… it might be slow going this summer… patience is the name of the game… don’t be too hard on yourself… use this time to get your sh-t together and get yourself on the “right path” for when we are back in forward motion again… 🙂 Thanks to Ruby for this fabulous write up on “Retrograde Brigade” …


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