Saturn Retrograde – 2017

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Saturn Retrograde
by Ruby
The Karmic teacher of the zodiac, Saturn, will turn Retrograde on April 6th and continue moving backward until August 25th.
Saturn’s slowdown gives us a moment to adjust and fine tune certain parts of our lives so we can make sure the structures we hold dear are solid and in place, so we can grow and evolve. This is a good time to put your life in order, and remember whatever feels like hard work now can create rewards by August.
It’s important to learn just how these planets when in Retrograde, or in other words appear to move backward affect us. With Saturn in Retrograde, we tend to not pay attention to the details or clearly assess a situation so we can end up jumping without knowing all the information. Saying yes more easily to people and end up taking on responsibilities and commitments that aren’t in our highest good. But being forewarned is forearmed as they say, so hopefully, this blog will help you remember that over the next few months you must draw clear boundaries with other folks and learn to say NO! But hey we are only human and if you do end up making a commitment you just can’t keep, it will also be easier to back out at least through the end of August once Saturn moves forward again. So if you make a promise to someone and feel it is a mistake or no longer want the obligation, you do get the cane to back out.
This also leads to people feeling more scattered, and they might back out of engagements and business deals, or whatever really it could be anything that was agreed upon. Just know people might change their minds more under this Saturn influence. Common sense will tell ya that this is not a good time to make any new long-term commitments, new obligations, or promises. This means only deal with past issues or ones that haven’t been taken care of as of yet but don’t take on anything brand-new if at all possible. Saturn Retrograde gives us the opportunity to also change up some stuff like prior negotiations or commitments that may have been nothing but a big old pain in the butt, or it just didn’t work out for you, but if you don’t change this during this cycle it can become an even bigger pain down the road.
This Saturn in Retrograde cycle is affecting all of us, so don’t be all upset or surprised if someone tells you No!
The cosmos is really slowing things down now, and certain areas of your life will be affected by Saturn’s Retrograde cycle, this gives you the chance to review plans and put together some new strategies that can help you improve and advance your life.
Saturn is known as the wise old teacher of the Zodiac and is one of the best teachers, he presents us with certain challenges and tests, but if we pass or even at least try, we will be rewarded for our efforts.
This influence is about taking care of our responsibilities, following the rules, and our limitations in this life. Saturn also rules over our career or professional life. So depending on just where Saturn is falling in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart”, will depict what part of your life to pay extra close attention to over the next 5 months. Because Saturn is all about stability and structure, it doesn’t like it’s Retrograde cycle so much, and you can feel more worried and insecure during this time, which makes it more difficult to make good decisions. Remember wherever you are feeling the most uncomfortable, frustrated, overwhelmed, or perhaps shaken up is exactly the part of your life you need to be paying attention to and working on.
And then we are so easily taken over by others who appear stronger or more persuasive under this influence, and with Mercury the planet that rules our mind in Retrograde as well, you can become a big sucker and not be able to say NO! Don’t allow this to take you over, be clear with yourself and continue to work on setting boundaries with folks now more than ever. And no matter how uncomfortable it may be learn to say know when to say NO!
If you would like to learn just what area of your life Saturn will be affecting during its Retrograde cycle so that you can review and restructure that part of your life. You can order an “ONE QUESTION READING” from me and ask me how is Saturn Retrogrades cycle going to affect me? I will do the research and send you a mini report based on your own personal Astrology Chart to your email. Just message me on Facebook or email me at
(May take up to 24hrs to receive your report)
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